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2 Responses to In the Garden

  1. Gretchen says:

    Hi Aubree,
    I really found your website interesting. I’m considering doing complete. I’ve been doing the workouts for 6 months with no weight loss or inches. Dietary restrictions include dairy, eggs and limited animal meat. Will Curves work around this? Or do I need to follow their program? If they can, I will join. Loooking forward to your reply. Gretchen

    • Hi Gretchen – sorry for the late reply. It is possible to to do Curves Complete without eating dairy, eggs, and limited animal meat, although you need to plan your own meals most of the time. The pre-arranged recipes will probably not work well, although it does provide vegetarian options as well as dairy substitutes (mostly soy products, which I also try to avoid). Good luck! ~Aubree

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