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Welcome to my blog! I’m Aubree Cherie Davis and it’s a pleasure to have you here.

This blog originated as a recipe blog featuring all Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Sugar Free recipes, in December 2009. (Read my original post, Why This Diet). For many years, I’ve been on a diet that avoided those three things because I was feeling sick and had a lot of strange symptoms that I couldn’t get under control with different medications. Since originally starting this blog, I went back to only a gluten free diet, but allowed dairy and sugar for about 2 years. This has backfired greatly, and after the birth of our first child it all came crashing down around me. So I’m more committed than ever to eating right, and doing my best to avoid these three food types. Read more about the one specific condition that is most notable, Bilateral Delayed Pressure Urticaria.

On top of that, most of my life was a downright battle for weight management. After much struggling with weird diets, varying exercise plans, and extremely low self esteem, I finally reached a place where I was comfortable with myself. But it wasn’t enough. My stomach hurt all the time, I developed migraines, I couldn’t get into a car without being nauseated, I dealt with severe sun sensitivities, and worst of all I couldn’t shake my crazy and variable mood swings. It was during that time when I realized there is more to health than just ‘not being fat’. After getting married in 2012 and now having had a baby in the Autumn of 2013, I am back to not being happy with myself. I’m discouraged that I let myself dip my toe back into the world of fast food, convenience, and downright unhealthy eating choices. My main focus is to stop having hives and be able to function normally again. Once that happens, I am hoping to be more regular with exercise. But through it all, I will be eating well again. Because I am a daughter of the King, and it’s time I started treating my body like it’s His temple, which it is.

I am a wife of a very Godly, caring, and generous man. I couldn’t be more fortunate! How I got his attention, I don’t know :) Since getting married, it’s been a challenge to go from ‘Dietary Diva’ who always cooked very random healthy food for one, to the other end of the spectrum, of cooking for two – when the ‘other one’ considers hot pockets, frozen pizzas, and 2 liters of coke to be a balanced diet. But he’s a good sport and so far he tries whatever I make. And to be fair, he usually likes everything… as long as I don’t tell him what’s in it – hehe. I like to call him The Hubs here on the blog :)

We lived in the state of Delaware for a few years, but we have recently moved to a small town 30 minutes south of Columbus, OH where we have 1.5 acres of land, a rather extensive raised bed garden (built by previous owners), and a chance to be more self-sufficient with our food. I can’t wait to see what this year brings with our garden! I am a dehydrating and canning junkie! ;) I will try and document those experiences too.

We currently have 1 son, but Lord willing, we would like to have multiple children. Being a new mom, and leaving a busy working life behind so I can stay home with him, has been difficult at times for me. But I couldn’t be more happy with our little guy! He has brought a lot of changes, but I can see God’s hand at every turn.

Also, since we’re still technically ‘starting out’ in this thing called life, we’re also very budget conscious and so my endeavors tend to pivot around saving money. So I’ve expanded this blog to encompass all the things about my life that are domestic.

I welcome comments and hope you will find something useful here!

**Updated Spring 2014**

14 Responses to About

  1. Iris says:

    Wow, what a story! I’m so glad you figured out what works for you! I really believe that food is the key to so many health problems…

  2. Karen Landa says:

    Katie Landa (my step-daughter) put me onto your site–and I’m delighted! I was Dx with severe milk and wheat allergies back in the middle 1980’s before the current increased incidence of allergies. Back then there were hardly any products available, and not that much in printed reciepes. Necessity is the mother of invention…

    I love your site–will subscribe and also visit it frequently as work-time allows. It’s hard baking or cooking for one. My husband is a bread / pasta junkie, and we really don’t share similar likes in food. Now I have huge problems with sugar, and am trying to get off of it. The last time I had concentrated sugar/dessert was 12/31, so am making progress. I love your recipes! Will have to try some of them.

    Thanks so much!

  3. Iris – Thanks for stopping by, I’ve really enjoyed reading some of your posts and will definitely keep visiting! I agree, its amazing how something as simply (AND complex I suppose) as food can really change EVERYTHING! Physical ‘healing’ is something I’m just starting to get a handle on.

    Karen – Wow, I’m so flattered that you’ve visited my page and are finding it useful! I agree that its gotten easier and easier to live with food allergies. Even just 7 or 8 years ago (when I started having problems) there were A LOT less choices. Although one of the main reasons I started posting my recipes in this blog is because I can’t afford most pre-made gluten free/dairy free food; being a student does have its disadvantages. So I have to get creative!

    I’m so happy that you think you’ll be able to use my recipes. I do also try to keep them light and inexpensive because I also am the only one with food allergies. Granted, I’m not married, but ‘The Boy’ eats tons of pasta and cheese, so it can be challenging to make things he likes as well.

    Thanks again for stopping over and leaving a comment, you’ve made my day!

    ~Aubree Cherie

  4. Chelsey says:

    Yikes! We share many of the same symptoms. I have just embarked on a similar journey this year to rediscover my “youth” (I’m 30 next week). Good for you for going out and taking of yourself while you are young. If you can find healing at 23, the world is your oyster!

  5. Ellen says:

    Hi Aubree,

    Thank you!!! I am so delighted that you linked your chocolate pudding recipe to my “Share your Valentine’s Day recipe” at my blog. I would ask if you would please include my blog post in your blog post, per the instructions in my original post ( Thank you!!!


  6. Kim says:

    Thank you very much for the time you spend on your blog to help others!

  7. Lea says:

    Hi Aubree! Wow, I’m so happy to have stumbled onto your blog! It looks awesome… I found it from googling Curves Complete reviews. Before the new year, I was thinking about joining Curves for workouts, but now it seems like you have to pay for the eating plan/coaching portion no matter what, and I’m just not really interested in that. I already found what works for me (no refined sugar/carbs) and without any exercise regimen AT ALL, and working the Overeaters Anonymous program (which is totally FREE and actually really works because it has nothing whatsoever to do with a diet), I’ve lost 35lbs in about 3 months by eliminating all sugar/white flour (so I’m really interested in your recipes!) and even kept it off now for 3 months (so 6 months of freedom total) even though I have been eating a little sugar/white flour again… And I don’t track a thing and pretty much eat whatever I want and however much I want (anything but sugar, white flour, etc), with absolutely NO additional exercise (outside of everyday chores/activity like walking my dog). And still, I haven’t gained any of that weight back, so I know I really lost it for good. However, I still have about 50 more pounds to loose, and I know that will mean going back to no sugar and EXERCISE! :) With Curves, all I really want is the workout.

    Anyway, my points in writing you are:
    1) Do you know if I can pay for the “gym membership” portion only, or do you have to pay for all of it?
    2) If you still feel like you’re struggling with your weight, moods, etc, I highly recommend Overeaters Anonymous (, which doesn’t cost you anything, and has given me such a wonderful fellowship and richer understanding of God’s grace, and what it means to really live life to the fullest in the freedom Christ purchased for us! (The program is sadly just a generic “spiritual” program now, but trust me, if you know your Bible, which it seems like you do, it’s FULL of scripture and truth, it’s just not referenced as such any more so they don’t scare anyone off. Even if you can’t make it to a meeting or you’re not sure, look up a free e-copy of the Big Book from AA and see if it speaks truth to you!)
    3) Thanks for the recipes! I was just thinking about purchasing a new cookbook to freshen up my culinary routines, and I’m so excited to try some of your recipes!!!!

    Blessings Always,

    • Hi Lea – I’m very sorry this response is so late. I took a break from blogging for a while and am just getting back to it. To respond to your points:
      1) You can pay for only the gym membership. All programs at Curves, such as CurvesSmart or Curves Complete are option add-ons.
      2) Thank you for your suggestion of – I will be looking into this! I’m still struggling with this issue…
      3) Thank you for the encouragement! I hope you will find some of my new recipes fun as well.

      All the best, ~Aubree

  8. Elzanne says:

    I really love your blog and you are a real inspiration for me to eat more healthy. Great recipes!

  9. Grayson B. says:

    Hi! My names Grayson Balmer and I am 13 years old. After reading your blog Ive discovered that I struggle with many of the things you used to and still do struggle with. I have some questions that I would love to ask you over email. My email is, if you had a chance to email me soon that would be really helpful and super appreciated!! :)

  10. Amy says:

    Was fun to stumble onto the “about” section of your blog…you continue to impress me :)

  11. I totally resonate with the whole having-to-cook-for-two thing. My husband is definitely an American man–which means that he loves his bread, pasta and sugar. This means that creating dishes that can cater for both of us is difficult. His palate is so different to mine. Sometimes it means creating a whole other meal! Looks like we are in the same predicament. I suppose we can encourage each other! ;)

    • Hi Chantelle! Yes, I do a bit of ‘2 meal dinners’ here, although I want to move away from that before our son gets to an age that he is eating with us (he’s only 9 mos :)), because I want to teach him to like all kinds of food and not to be picky. In all fairness to The Hubs though, he does like what I make him. He just also likes to have his other stuff ;) Not sure how to find a balance there. But yes, mutual encouragement sounds great!!! :) ~Aubree

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