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Welcome to the September 2014 Edition of Naturally Sweet Recipes! We’re so glad you’re here and hope you’ll be inspired to try making your delicious treats a little healthier. Learn all about this monthly event here.

A few highlights:

The top favorite recipe from last month (the most clicked link) is brought to us from Caitlin at The Foraged Dish, with her paleo Dark Chocolate Chip Cherry Cookie Bars. It’s easy to see why so many gravitated towards checking out this recipe. It sounds and LOOKS so amazing!


The 2nd most clicked recipe is from Debora, at Worth Cooking, who shared her Loaded Tahini Date Cookies. While the main (only!) sweetener ingredient used is dates, it’s also impressive that the recipe is gluten, dairy, and egg free! So have a look.


The 3rd most clicked recipe is Chocolate Peanut Buckwheat Cereal by Rebecca at Strength and Sunshine. I’ve never actually bought Bob’s Red Mill Buckwheat Cereal, but now I will have to try it – this looks so good!


Most recently I have shared a recipe that is really more of a credit to Shirley at Gluten Free Easily. I tried her “Crustless” Apple Pie, with only a few changes, and it was a real winner!


Link Up Guidelines

Full guidelines are listed here, including what is considered naturally sweet.

  • Link to your individual recipe post, NOT your home page.
  • Within your recipe post on your blog/website, please link back to this post URL specifically, not (this will only frustrate and confuse our readers)
  • Recipes do not need to be desserts. ANY recipe without sugar or artificial sweeteners is welcome, but I DO ask that the dish be a “sweet” dish. AKA, honey glazed chicken would be fine, but spicy lentil soup would not. (I realize that savory foods don’t have sugar, but there are other roundups/linkys that better address that genre of food :)). Please do try and avoid any boxed products in your ingredients as most pre-made things (like cake mix) contain sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • Also, please feel free to link articles related to sugar free living or using naturally sweet ingredients. Information, reviews, menus, etc are just as useful as a recipe!
  • Links can be ‘older’, AKA not just something you recently published. It can be from last month or last year!
  • Recipes DO NOT need to be gluten or dairy free. Obviously *I* like recipes without them, but not everyone eats like I do ;)
  • When you share your recipe link, please leave a comment about what you shared and what’s great about it! Share as many applicable recipes as you’d like!

Now it’s time to link up those recipes! :)

This link-up will be closing on Tuesday, September 30th. Please continue to add your recipes as you post them to your blog – it means a lot that you’re here and willing to share :)

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~Aubree Cherie


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2 Responses to Naturally Sweet Recipe Roundup – September 2014 Edition

  1. Thanks for hosting! I’m sharing my super simple coconut sugar simple syrup — a great vegan low glycemic alternative to honey and agave syrup.

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