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Naturally Sweet Tuesday

I bit off more than I could chew, suffice it to say. It’s hard accepting that I can’t ‘do it all’, when most of my life has a been a testament of will power. But it’s not about that anymore. It’s about living a life that is putting others first, namely, my husband and son. They should be getting my best, and so I need to be more realistic about what I can do with this blog.

When starting out in blogging, I made money purely by having ads on my site and the amount of site traffic I had. I took a break for a while when in graduate school and working after, but when I got back into it this last time (after the birth of our son), it’s not as easy to do. And honestly, it’s stressful having a blog purely in hopes of adding some income to the family pot, because it feels like a lot more work than it used to be. So in talking about it with The Hubs, I will still keep up the blog, because I enjoy it. But anything that might increase stress or make me less-than-attentive to the needs of my family, has to go or be scaled back.

So what does all this rambling have to do with Naturally Sweet Tuesday? Well, I love love love the idea of having a place where we can all share tasty treats that are not as laden in sugar as the average cookie. Because I like having these sources for myself in an easy to view place, so assume others might enjoy that as well. But the amount of work it takes to maintain a weekly link-up is going to prevent me from keeping it weekly. So I’m going to aim for the first week of every month. If you all aren’t keen on continuing to participate, I understand! And I’ll pull it down if there really isn’t any interest. Let’s just see how it goes :)

Thank you for understanding, and for being  a participant in Naturally Sweet Tuesday so far (either by linking up a recipe or by reading what other bloggers have shared). I’ve actually tried a few of your recipes and have really enjoyed them. Hopefully I will share those experiences in a blog post soon. Thanks again for your understanding,

~Aubree Cherie

p.s. This week is only an announcement of the change, no linky. Please come back next week (first of the month) to start adding your recipes for August!

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7 Responses to Naturally Sweet Tuesday – moving from weekly to monthy

  1. Hi! I can’t see a linky tool… is that just me? :)

  2. Peggy says:

    I completely understand.

  3. Totally get it! I tend to want to do everything and be everything all the time, and I often have to pull back. I hope you’ll keep doing it monthly though, because I really love it!

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