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When you pick over 70 lbs of strawberries from your garden, you have to make at least one batch of chocolate covered strawberries! At least, that was the reasoning of The Hubs. So I made a bunch one night, and yes, between the two of us we ate every last one.

Wowzers, it was good.

And considering the ingredients, it was pretty healthy too (okay, probably an overdose of actual strawberries, but when I say healthier maybe I mean ‘than a bowl of ice cream’ ;)).

Chocolate Covered Strawberries, a little bit healthier ( GF, DF, & SF)


2 oz Bakers chocolate 
2 tbs coconut oil
10 drops NuNaturals Liquid Stevia (optional: depending on sweetness of berries. I think we should have skipped this part, honestly!)
2 lbs strawberries (about 4 cups)


Melt the chocolate in a double bowler, or as I do, use a round bottom glass dish in a saucepan with an inch or 2 of boiling water. Once the chocolate is melted, first remove the glass bowl from the saucepan (carefully, watch out for steam), then whisk in the coconut oil and drops of liquid stevia.

Let the chocolate sit in the bowl for about 10 minutes and then dip your strawberries! Place them out on a piece of parchment paper (or paper plates probably would do the trick too. I ended up putting a few straight to the plate when I ran out of space on the parchment paper). I had a little bit of the chocolate mix left in the bowl after the 2 lbs of strawberries, but I think any less of the mixture and it would have been hard to dip the last few. So I ate that left over chocolate with a spoon. Yes, it’s true.

Enjoy! We sure did… :)

~Aubree Cherie

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8 Responses to Chocolate Covered Strawberries, a little bit healthier ( GF, DF, & SF)

  1. Chocolate covered strawberries are a must!! Love how healthy you’ve made them!!

  2. Chocolate Covered Strawberries are ALWAYS in season! :-) Thanks for linking up to our #realfoodrecipes roundup!

  3. Kat Clayton says:

    Hello Aubree! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. It’s an award that bloggers pass on to each other so we can get to know each other and so our readers can get to know us a little better too! You can check it out on my blog.

    These chocolate covered strawberries look amazing! I love that there is a healthier option available!

    • Hi Kat – thanks so much! I would love to do this. I’m a bit busy right now with a sick kiddo and the craziness of summer, but I hope I can get to it soon. Thank you for thinking of me :) ~Aubree

  4. Love this recipe, Aubree! The strawberries actually look so much more appealing to me with the lighter, healthier coating! :-) I highlighted this recipe on GFW today:

    Hope things settle down for you and you have a good week! xo,

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