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I posted on Facebook, back in April, asking what most folks do with sauerkraut. The ideas were really great! I used a lot of them. One was for a reuben, which The Hubs enjoyed multiple times, although with leftover ham from Easter. All the ideas incorporated some sort of meat, and I did do one sauerkraut sausage stew batch that The Hubs LOVED. And then a beef stew with some sauerkraut in it. But I still had a ton left over. I used 4 heads of cabbage so you can imagine… So, I was forced to get creative.

And I can say this was a pleasant surprise! I honestly thought it was going to be a bust when I was mixing all the ingredients up. I made the mistake of ‘trying before frying’. So note to self, don’t eat the batter. Only eat the finished thing… (Surely I’m not the only one that tastes as I go? ha)

But anyway, it’s a lovely mix of sweet and savory. I’m calling it sweet and sour, but one of the main reasons I like these fritters is because it removes ‘the edge’ from the sauerkraut. I understand that many people like that about it, but I personally don’t. I need something to smooth it out a little but. And the apples did a great job of that!

Sweet & Sour Apple Fritters (GF, DF, & SF)


1.5 cups sauerkraut (I made my own, but I’m sure storebought will taste good too)
3 medium apples (I used gala)
3 eggs
1/2 cup quick oats (I used Bob’s Red Mill certified GF)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbs honey (I buy raw local)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup sweet white rice flour (just to bind – other flours would probably work well too)
Oil for cooking in pan (I used almond oil)


I peeled and cored all the apples first, then cut them into 1/2″ or less chunks. In a large mixing bowl, whisk the 3 eggs. To the eggs, add the cinnamon, honey, & vanilla. Once combined, add the chopped apples and sauerkraut. Mix well.

Heat a skillet pan on medium. While it’s heating up, add the rice flour to the mix and combine well. Pour a small amount of oil into the pan and ‘drop’ the batter. You may need to help shape it a bit. I did three patties at a time, using 2-3 tbs of batter for each. Cook on the first side 3-4 minutes, then flip for an additional 2 minutes on  the final side. Please keep an eye on the patties as you make them though – I had my pan on ‘4’, but I don’t know what temperature that is. Just because this amount of time worked on my stove, it may need more or less on yours. Hopefully the picture helps with what ‘done’ looks like though.

Let them cool a few minutes before serving. Makes 2 dozen patties, approximately 3″ in diameter. A great addition to a meat or main dish and even worked well as a sandwich patty!

~Aubree Cherie

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5 Responses to Sweet & Sour Apple Fritters (GF, DF, & SF)

  1. Claire says:

    These look delicious! What in interesting combo of ingredients…but I just may have to try these!

  2. Linda Warren says:

    Boy this is an unusual recipe but it looks pretty tasty. I love sauerkraut but can’t imagine it in something sweet.Now you have me curious so I will have to try it. Thanks for sharing on Mouthwatering Mondays.

  3. Miz Helen says:

    Your Apple Fritters would be fantastic, we would just love them! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome recipe with Full Plate Thursday and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

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