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I got this idea from the KZ and Me blog. She used white packing paper and her little one looked like he had a lot of fun.

Well, then there was my son. Oh, he sat in the paper. He looked at it. He looked at me. And then he cried. At least, that was the first time. I left this laundry basket in the living room for a few weeks in hope that he would eventually warm up to it. Thankfully, he did. The pictures in this post are of one of our more pleasant experiences with the paper pile.

Don’t get me wrong. He LOVED the paper. Eating it anyway… so I had to keep an eye on that. And he also really liked taking one piece, studying it, and then ripping it as many times as he could while grinning. I couldn’t capture one of those moments but I really wish I had – it was pretty cute (I was way too busy laughing). He was very proud of himself.

Baby Play: Shredded Paper

Recipe/supplies: I used our Sunday paper and cut strips while the paper was still folded up, then pulled apart the strips. It took me about 15 minutes to do the whole thing. And my little guy like watching that part! He is ever-so-fascinated with scissors, of course! And then a laundry basket to keep the paper somewhat in check.

Baby’s reaction: At first it was a response like, “eeewww – what is touching me, mom?!?.” Then it became, “ooo, this tastes yummy”. And eventually there was just a lot of arm and leg flailing and screeches. Always a good sign for having fun. I will say though, and you can tell from the pictures, he had the most fun when I stood him outside the basket so he could just look at the paper. Close, but not too close ;)

Warnings: I think any paper other than newspaper, tissue paper, etc would be too hard and possibly cause paper cuts. So stick to the newspaper!

Overall: Worth the effort, but not one of his favorites. I think he’d rather just sit on the floor with one of the paper pieces to gnaw on and rip it apart ;)


What do you think? Does this look like an activity you would do with your child? 

~Aubree Cherie

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2 Responses to Baby Play: Shredded Paper

  1. Amy says:

    Lots o’ babies love the crinkly paper on the exam tables at the office- they make all kinds of noise hitting their legs and arms against it- so I wouldn’t rule out playing with a big roll of newsprint or deli paper :)

    • Thanks for sharing this idea, Amy! We have a bunch of large paper rolls and packing paper in our basement, so would be fun to try. And I certainly will not ignore the advice of my favorite pediatrician ;) ~Aubree

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