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Naturally Sweet Tuesday

I really enjoy blog carnivals (or link-ups, if you prefer) because it’s a great place to share like-minded ideas and especially recipes! A few of my favorites are Gluten Free Wednesdays (from, Gluten Free Fridays (from, and Real Food Recipe Roundup (from, because I know that there will be great quality recipes listed and many that I can try, as is without substitutions, with all my dietary requirements.

There used to be a lot more blog carnivals that were available as well, some including less sugar or sugar free recipes. I miss them. I feel that no matter what your diet or lifestyle is, cutting back on refined processed sugar and artificial sweeteners is a good choice! Although, I will admit I have a whole mouth full of sweet teeth (sweet tooth just doesn’t seem to describe my obsession…), so cutting out sweet things all together is just too cruel. But I am incorporating foods into my diet that lean on natural sources of sweetness because I know it’s just plain better for me!

Great naturally sweet sources:

  • Raw honey
  • Maple syrup
  • Stevia (I’m still on the fence about whether or not I will continue to use stevia {here are some great articles: Why I Quit Stevia & What’s Your Take on Stevia?}, but let’s include it for now)
  • Banana
  • Dates & date sugar
  • Other dried fruit such as raisins, apricots, prunes
  • Coconut sugar (like stevia, this is one I’m on the fence about but let’s include it for now. Here is an interesting article on it: is coconut sugar a healthy sugar sub)
  • Anything I’m missing? Please share in the comments!

For the sake of overall health, things that DO NOT count as sugar-free will be as follows:

  • Table sugar, white sugar, brown sugar, powder sugar, etc (commonly known as sugar)
  • Splenda (aka sucralose)
  • Truvia (other stevia products that have bulk fillers)
  • Sugar in the raw
  • Agave nectar
  • Aspartame (which includes Equal, NutraSweet, & Amino Sweet)
  • Anything I’m missing? Please share in the comments!

Link Up Guidelines

Please read all the items in this list! I may need to remove links that are not applicable :/

  • Link to your individual recipe post, NOT your home page.
  • Within your recipe post on your blog/website, please link back to this post URL specifically, not (this will only frustrate and confuse our readers)
  • Recipes do not need to be desserts. ANY recipe without sugar or artificial sweeteners is welcome. Please do try and avoid any boxed products in your ingredients as most pre-made things (like cake mix) contain sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • Also, please feel free to link articles related to sugar free living or using naturally sweet ingredients. Information, reviews, menus, etc are just as useful as a recipe!
  • Links can be ‘older’, AKA not just something you recently published. It can be from last month or last year!
  • When you share your recipe link, please leave a comment about what you shared and what’s great about it!

This link-up will close Sunday, June 1, at midnight and the next week link-up will be available the following Monday night.

Thanks for joining! I look forward to learning from you all and hopefully seeing you again next week!

~Aubree Cherie

p.s. Next week there will be image thumbnails for each of your recipes! I’m sorry I messed that up this week. Thanks for being patient with me while I figure out the particulars of running a link-up ;) 

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17 Responses to Introducing Naturally Sweet Tuesday (New Blog Carnival & Link-up!)

  1. Hey Aubree!–What a great carnival! You know I love the badge with those sweet honeybees on it! ;-)

    I’ve linked up my Disappearing Mounds Cookies and my Carrot Colada recipe. Both are terrific! The first uses coconut sugar and the second has no added sweeteners at all–carrot juice and bananas work the magic. :-)

    Thanks for hosting! xo,

    • Hi Shirley,

      Thanks for being my first participant! Your recipes sound delicious too – I’m a big fan of carrot juice so your Colada sounds divine :)

      Thanks also for your additional suggestions for what should be on the ‘no-no’ list. I’ve added them now. Thanks again, ~Aubree

  2. Chaya says:

    Hi, I am glad you are starting this. I will see if I have something to fit. I admit, I love brown sugar and that is the test for me. I do love maple syrup and honey as sweeteners though. I will make an effort to get involved. Thanks for the invite.

    • Hi Chaya,

      Great to see you here! Thanks for your interest! Yes, I had a hard time giving up sugar too. But I feel so much better! And since there are better alternatives, it’s not as difficult (can’t give up ALL the sweets ;)). Looking forward to having you participate in the future! Take care, ~Aubree

  3. Hi Aubree,

    Thanks so much for the invite. I look forward to adding recipes. I don’t have any, yet, because I am also trying to get rid of agave, stevia, etc. from our diet. But, so far, I am using brown sugar.

    Thanks for the link to the Stevia article. I have been having misgivings about it for quite a while, but I kept trying to convince myself it was healthy for me. Never liked the taste.

    I will see you soon.


  4. Love the new linkup! Will be linking up regularly :). Thanks for hosting!

  5. Miz Helen says:

    Hi Aubree Cherie,
    Congratulations on Naturally Sweet Tuesday! I don’t have a post today, but wanted to stop by and wish you every success. I will sure share something when I can. Have fun!
    Miz Helen

    • Thanks so much Miz Helen! I’ve enjoyed being a part of Full Plate Thursdays and you are a role model in link-up management! I’m always so impressed that you visit each and every recipe, even though your link-up is immensely popular and full of recipes! All the best, ~Aubree

  6. Aubree,
    Thanks for the invite to your new link up! I think you’re missing coconut sugar from your list above. I don’t think I could bake without it! :-)

    • Thanks so much Jillian! Love the recipes you’ve added :)

      Okay, I added coconut sugar to the list! I put the comment about not being sure, well, because I’m not sure how i feel about it. Mostly because I have very little experience with it and want to do some more research. So yeah – it’ll count :) ~Aubree

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  9. Sara says:

    Hi Aubree – thanks for stopping by today! I saw that you started this link-up and I’d love to participate. I’ve linked up a favorite bread of mine (Paleo Honey Nut Bread) that is mildly sweet and very moist. So good!
    Love your blog! See you again next week!

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