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Seeing as I haven’t actually done it until now, I don’t know if I can really call it an ‘update’. But I’m hoping to do more in the future, even if just a reference for The Hubs and I as we move forward with our garden year after year.

This year we have started everything from seed. Well, at least any annual variety of plants. Things like apples, strawberries, and asparagus were already established. Although we did also buy 12 blueberry plants for 4 rows of 4 bushes. Otherwise though, everything is from seed. Some started indoors in April or early May and others were directly sown.


Top left: Although we have a lot of space for planting in the ground, I wanted to do some pots with herbs. So this is our garden shelf that held all of our seedlings before transplant, and now herb starts. We also started some ornamental sunflowers (4 varieties) and some cosmos. They are in the big pots on the ground and slowly but surely getting bigger. Can’t wait for the blooms!

Top Right: These beds are affectionately called the Cucurbit beds. The first one has cucumbers (just starting to poke through the soil – planting the seeds this past week), the 2nd bed is green peppers (I know, NOT a Cucurbit… lol), 3rd and 4th bed are butternut squash that are coming along nicely from seed, and the 5th bed is zuccini. The beds in the back (to the left in this pic), are New England pie pumpkins. We’re planning to let them take over all the space back there and the space between the beds up front (if they can find any after the butternut squash and zuccini have started to spread! ha). There are also some corn stalks planted with the pumpkins.

Bottom: This is our corn patch. We decided not to till up all the grass, just the actual rows. We’ll see how that turns out for us. It’s only been about 2 weeks that the seeds have been planted and you can see how far they have come already. We are about 2 weeks behind all the corn fields from the farms around us, so The Hubs has corn envy whenever we leave the house (since it’s impossible to go ANYWHERE from our house without passing a corn field ;)). My dad used to grow corn when we were kids, but I haven’t done any myself. I have a lot of fond memories of fresh sweet corn from our garden growing up, so I can’t wait for ours here!



Top Left: Just a view through the garden from our entry archway (left by previous owners). Actually, everything structurally was from the previous owners. The Hubs has done a lot of work in rebuilding things that were deteriorating, but we think we’ll be doing a complete overhaul of the beds, edging, etc in a few years (or maybe next year!).

Top Right: We had a beautiful crop of asparagus this year and enjoyed eating it fresh for about a month. And it was never ending it seemed! But alas, we’ve now left them to their own devices and they are done for the season. We have lovely chive growth too, although I’m not really sure if I’m going to do anything with it all. Maybe pick a bunch and dehydrate it for another time. I’ve never really done anything with chives, so I’m not sure I will actually use them if I do preserve them.

Bottom Left: The top is just a pick of our strawberry patch(es). The previous owner of this house left a wonderfully dense row of strawberries around the perimeter of the raised bed area. I picked the first berry about a week ago (was still tart) and last night I picked our first round of harvest – 2.93 lbs! I’ve also decided I’m going to weight each harvest to try and keep track of what we have – also as a reference for future years. The bottom is a picture of our collard greens and lettuce bed. It looks very weedy and I guess technically it is. But all the weeds are tomato and eggplant seedlings. We are going to let some of the bigger ones survive and grow up between the greens. Not sure if it will work, but we’re going to give it a try.

Bottom Right: This is our spinach and kale bed. The spinach is doing great and I would have already started picking it, but I’m patiently waiting for a salad spinner to come in the mail. I’ve always wanted one and I realized that what we pick from the garden will be pretty dirty. And soggy lettuce & salad greens just don’t keep well, so I didn’t want to pick anything until I could do it properly! It is supposed to come today though, so I might be doing a lot of green harvesting tonight ;)



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