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I’m sure any of your who have babies right now have seen umpteen ideas on Pinterest (or wherever) for ‘sensory play’. And if you’re like me (hopefully not), you’re wondering what this poor mother must be giving up in order to give her child this ‘life altering’ experience. Or how much money she is spending. Or what her adult conversations consist of after spending some much brain power figuring out what her next plan is. It seems so ‘trendy’. Bleh… I’ve never been, nor wanted to be, trendy. And I find that my son has a very creative/curious mind and is already learning well with random objects already around him. I haven’t given up on the idea completely though… just a different thought process maybe?

Here is how I see it differently. Sensory play may just be my answer for how to get through the day. I have 8-12 hours a day where it’s just me and my little dude. When dad gets home, we’ve got lots to do (looking at Dad, laughing with Dad, wondering what Dad is doing and why Dad is so great. Seriously, this kid loves his Dad!). But when it’s just plain old boring mom, boredom can hit pretty easily. Here is the crux of it. I’m going to embark on a series of sensory play with my son, FOR ME. Because I can only read books, sing songs, or walk around the house pointing out objects so many times day. I’m going crazy trying to figure out what to DO with him! He’s so curious! And what a blessing that is, really. But because my normal daily routine is becoming more and more inadequate for his curious mind, we’re going to start having more purposeful ‘discovery time’. So I guess it’s for him too ;)

My goal over the next few months is to incorporate sensory play (aka PLAY) that I can do with basic household items or things I already happen to have. Because as an older and wiser friend recently shared, it’s by the grace of God that our children grow up fine and turn out well, INSPITE of their mothers. Not because of us.

Baby Play: Quarters

This one is funny. It was our first ever ‘sensory play’, so it’s pretty basic too. I got a ziploc bag and looked around. Lo and behold, I saw a jar of quarters. So this idea was born. I know, I’m so creative.

Baby’s reaction: thought it was hilarious, especially when banging plastic toys with the bag. He also liked to watch me move the quarters around within the bag so that they dropped from side to side.

Warnings: try to keep your baby from flinging them in his face. Although, if you have a thick skinned little one like mine, they won’t care… ;) Also, I only let him play with it for about 15 minutes, completely supervised. The bag started to get weak in some areas from all his pulling and I didn’t want to risk a quarter coming out.

Overall: eh, it was okay. Since it was our first official sensory play, maybe I was holding this concept too high in my mind though. Baby was amused for a few minutes and it was easy to do, so I’m going to say it was worth the effort :)

What do you think? Would you ever do this with your 6 month old? Was I crazy? 

~Aubree Cherie


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