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For Mother’s Day this year, I decided to have my little guy spend some time painting pictures for his grandma’s. I wanted to use items I already had, so I went with the flour and water paste approach. Can you believe that I have regular bleached white flour in my house? Thankfully I’m not so allergic to gluten that I can’t touch it (I know people that are!), so I can still make things for The Hubs out of regular flour. And now for my little guy to play with! :)

Although we did manage to get some finished pieces of art, his main interest was in crumpling the paper up. I tried putting his hand in the paint for him, as well as dripped some paint out of the glass bowls onto the paper. He loved to watch the dripping! And then he would reach out to touch where the paint had dripped, so I guess you could say I tricked him into painting ;)

All in all, we had a very fun time, followed by a nice long bath. And we have a very memorable and special keepsake for his grand-moms :)


Baby Play: Safe Painting Fun!

Recipe/supplies: food coloring, flour and water mixed into a paste, dishes for holding the paint, thick white cardstock for painting, and some sort of drop cloth (I used brown paper left over from our recent move).

Baby’s reaction: he was really enthralled by the setup. He liked the brown paper he was sitting on a lot. He especially giggly when I would put his hand in the bowl of paint for him.

Warnings: it’s messy (hopefully this is obvious ;)), but not that hard to clean up after either.

Overall: fun! And we were left with something meaningful and special for his grandma’s on Mother’s Day :)

What do you think? Have you ever done safe painting with your kids? What did you do? :)  

~Aubree Cherie

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4 Responses to Baby Play: Safe Painting Fun!

  1. Gosh, he’s such a cutie!! Just adorable. I’m sure the grandmoms loved their art work! The colors you made were lovely. :-)

    The problem with baking with gluten-full flour after discovering one has a gluten intolerance is not in the touching usually (unless one has skin issues associated with gluten, like dermatitis herpetiformis). The problem is that the flour particles can stay in the air for 24 to 48 hours, or more (according to various sources) and land on ingredients or food you consume. Just breathing it in means it can also become part of your saliva and mucus and end up being swallowed. Baking with gluten or using gluten-full flour also means that you’re continuing to expose your utensils and bakeware to gluten. When I first went gluten free, I continued to bake with gluten-full flour for a good while, too, before I realized that I was exposing myself to more gluten and harm than I imagined. When I stopped dealing with gluten that way, I got noticeably better. Linda of The Gluten-Free Homemaker did a post on this topic long ago. It’s worth a read. Food for thought, dear. I don’t want anyone unknowingly glutening themselves.

    Hope you had a wonderful first Mother’s Day! xo,

    • Hi Shirley – Wow. I had NO idea! I’ve honestly never been tested for a gluten allergy, although I know that I am intolerant just from how I react. I just read this to my husband and his question was – is it just the flour that can cause these issues or is it also pre-make things that have gluten? For instance, I make The Hubs sandwiches and stuff with wheat bread/tortillas every week for his lunch at work. Do you think this can cause the same issues?

      Really appreciate you pointing this out to me! I am headed over to read the article that Linda wrote now :) ~Aubree

  2. Looks like he had a blast! Isn’t it interesting how they seldom want to “do the activity” the “right” way :). I think that’s part of the fun though…seeing how they adapt and use their creativity to do something totally different than had been planned.

    • Hi Betsy – thanks! I agree. I’m just happy that he is exploring new things and learning as he goes. He is always learning, even if it’s not the exact thing I intended :) ~Aubree

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