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This was super fun to do. I got the idea from the House of Burke blog, where she did the same thing with her little one. I liked that this activity was ‘multifaceted’, aka, I could do one activity but have three different sensory opportunities. Because I’m lazy like that ;)


First, we played with a bag of unpopped kernels. As with all things I hand my child, he throws flings it around and then lets go to watch what it does. So there was a lot of kernel shakin’ goin’ on ;)


Wowzers was this hilarious! The second I turned the air popper on, he was all over it. At least with his eyes. He stared at that thing the whole time it heated up and then when the popcorn was ready, every time one came flying out, his eyes were on it. I was really impressed! (Not sure why, but I’m sort of clueless to a baby’s development since he is my first – apparently he is more focused/attentive than I thought at this age!)


And then like the kernels, he got a bag of the popped popcorn. As you can see, it was treated in a likewise manner. I was excited I was able to catch ‘the fling’ on camera though ;) Literally everything that he gets a grip on gets this sort of attention. But it wa cute with the popped popcorn because it didn’t fling as fast as the hard kernels. And when he dropped it, I would throw it back at him and he would ‘catch it’ – AKA, it would land in his lap and then he’d put his hands around it. Close enough :)

Baby Play: Popcorn 3 ways

Recipe/supplies: popping popcorn, air-popper circa 1980 preferred (hehe – that’s just what I happen to have. An old-y but a good-y!), ziploc bags, and a bumbo worked great for keeping baby still for a while.

Baby’s reaction: kernels, eh. Bag of popped popcorn, eh. Popcorn popping, WHOOOOAAA. At least, that’s how I would explain his reaction. But don’t take my word for it, check out this video! ;)

Warnings: keep your baby away from the popping popcorn – the popper can get very hot! Also be careful not to let your baby have any popcorn or kernels that are not in a closed container. Also, I was very careful and stayed in arms reach the whole time he was in his Bumbo seat on our kitchen island (plus it’s very wide) – I’m sorry if the pics stress you out, but honestly – he was fine. If this makes you uneasy with your own child though, just run the popper near the baby’s Bumbo on the floor.

Overall: fun, Fun, FUN! We both really liked this one. He was enraptured and I couldn’t stop laughing at him. What a cutie :) And I particularly liked how he was able to follow the corn as it popped. That he was intent enough to watch it come out of the machine and land in the bowl. I think this was a great developmental ‘game’ and would highly recommend it!

What do you think? Have you tried something like this with your little one before? 

~Aubree Cherie

Bonus Video!! Introducing the Popcorn Dance ;)


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3 Responses to Baby Play: Popcorn 3 ways

  1. Amy says:

    Aw, so sweet! Love the idea (and the warnings as well!) :)
    I too, am still fascinated by popcorn popping in an air popper…

  2. Chary says:

    These are so funny! I would never have thought to make a ‘game’ of popping corn. Great idea! and I see he thought so too. Memorizing like watching a fire or something.

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