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I discovered my little guy loves carrots. So this is my first attempt at sneaking in other good-for-him foods without him seeing a huge difference. To him, it’s delicious because it’s carrots! No need to tell him it’s celery too… ;)

I will admit I have read that celery should not be introduced until 8 months or even not until the first year. But it seemed that the arguments were focused around the tough stringy texture of celery, not the nutritional makeup. So cooking it and adding it to the carrots took away both of those issues. Also, my little guy is 7 months and his digestion has handled this great! But if you’re not comfortable, maybe wait until your baby is a little older before introducing celery. Works great for us though!


blending-baby-foodBaby Food: Carrot & Celery Puree


2 lbs organic baby carrots (or regular carrots, just peel them)
2 cups organic diced fresh celery
6 cups filtered water for boiling


Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan. Bring to a rolling boil. Once there, turn the heat down to medium and cook 20 minutes. Take the pan off the burner and let it sit for an additional 20 minutes to cool. Blend in a blender (you can see there is still water from the pot – feel free to drain this if you want to be able to add milk to the puree at time of feeding. I left the water in and use it as is – it’s a thin texture which is great for my little guy right now).

See the image below for how I store the puree. I first lay out silicon muffin trays or the little individual muffin forms on a large cookie sheet. Pour the puree into the molds and freeze for about 2 hours. Then remove the frozen puree from all the molds and add to a freezer ziploc-style bag. Label and then take out as many as you want when needed. It’s a lot better for us than ice cube sizes, because these are larger and we don’t need to thaw more than 1 or 2 per meal time.

He loves this stuff! I think it’s funny how the space around his mouth gets orange from eating this. Good thing he also loves avocado, vegetable puree, and oatmeal – otherwise he might turn orange from all this carotene! ;)

~Aubree Cherie




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