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Is your interest peaked yet? Mine is. And that is why I am excited to have Becky Hadaway as a guest blogger today.

Becky is a wife, mom of three, and holistic health coach. I have had the pleasure of recently attending one of her seminars and have been empowered to make healthy changes as a result of her practical advice. She will be sharing about the power of change and included in this post you’ll find information on how to attend a free lecture she is giving, with two date/location options in the Greater Columbus Ohio area (see details below for how to benefit from Becky’s guidance even if you’re not able to attend). Hope to see you there! ~Aubree

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becky-hadawayCountless women find themselves with questions about how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, nurture healthy relationships, and find fulfillment as a balanced individual. I certainly shared those questions, especially after the birth of my third child. So I chose to pursue healthy lifestyle changes and got training that complemented my natural talents and interests. My life will never be the same. I have a new lifestyle of low sugar/high nutrition eating, a varied and fun fitness plan, and intentional times of pursuing meaningful activities in my life.

It is my joy to implement my experience and training in counseling and holistic health as I coach other women to live life to their full potential. I believe that every woman has a unique role to play in life, and I am passionate about helping them play it well. I teach women to be confident in their food choices, to set and achieve lifestyle goals, and to be savvy about their wellness as a whole person.

– Becky Hadaway, HHC

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Inertia: The Enemy

I don’t like to think of myself as having very many enemies. I like to believe that I’m an easy-going, fun-to-be-around, get-along-with-others kind of a person. And you probably prefer to see yourself in the same way.

But there is a sly and passive villain out there that quietly sneaks up on unsuspecting individuals who are simply minding their own business. The villain’s name is Inertia and it is an enemy to everyone.

Inertia is defined as: a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged. There is also a Law of Inertia, part of which says: An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Now that law may not sound especially sinister, but that’s why it is so deceptively dangerous to the average person. The average person is in motion all of the time, continually performing the routines that get her from one day to the next. But that does not always mean that her routine includes activities that are best for her total health and wellness. Perhaps she has needs that are unmet, perhaps she never exercises, perhaps she typically eats on the run—whatever the nearest fast food joint is offering. Though she is constantly in motion, her life is just not working for her and it is starting to be evident in her level of health.

Her life needs to be “acted upon by an unbalanced force.” In other words, it would do her good to have her routine shaken up a bit. Not just rattled around in an unsettling way, but given healthful strategies to implement positive improvements in her routine. It’s likely that she already has a few ideas of improvements she’d like to make in her life, but she could use a little help implementing those changes.

Most people know they should eat healthier, break a sweat more frequently and spend more time doing things that relax them and make them feel fulfilled. I am presenting a class that addresses the issue of Inertia. In this free class I will give you practical and realistic ways of implementing healthful changes to your routine. You will be able to take a realistic inventory of where you currently stand and develop action steps that you can take for immediate progress.


Free Wellness Session

Inertia vs. Your Health: 3 changes you can make today to live proactively and prioritize your health

May 10, @ The Wagnalls Memorial, 10:30am or

May 29, @ Pickerington Public Library, 6:30pm

In this free class you will learn:

  • how minor changes can lead to major healthy results
  • to free yourself of excuses that keep you from pursuing total wellness
  • simple ways to rise above average health
  • to overcome the tendency to get “stuck in a rut” with food

You will receive handouts, including an Optimum Health Self Analysis, an Action Plan for Optimum Health, and healthy recipes to help you succeed with wellness. All attendees will be awarded a free, individual 50-minute health breakthrough session. Attendance is limited to the first 20 guests.

RSVP to Becky Hadaway at (614) 364-3358 or becky (at)

Can’t Attend the Sessions?

Don’t live in the Columbus, Ohio area? No problem. Much of my coaching is done on the telephone. Give me a call at (614) 364-3358 and we can discuss the wellness issues that are on your mind.


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