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This will be the first of many posts about getting our garden ready for spring.

The Hubs and I are pretty excited about our garden this year. In November we moved into a new house in rural Central Ohio, from where we were living in suburban Delaware.

The previous owners of the house created a series of raised beds and multiple cultivars of perennial plantings that encompass approximately 250 sq ft. So a lot of work for us, but a lot less than we would have had if starting from scratch!

In our last home, we had made two raised beds from lumber and topsoil at Home Depot, about $100 for the 60-ish sq ft. We had zucchini, cucumbers, strawberries, green beans, five varieties of tomatoes, 4 peppers, kale, and stevia – and a decent crop too!


But this year we are aiming fairly high. In addition to the above, we are adding collards, lettuce, spinach, corn, pumpkin, carrots, butternut squash, and a variety of herbs. The Hubs is feeling very gung-ho, which is extremely exciting for me. I will have a lot of work with all the crop, so I am thankful he is enthusiastic to do some of the outdoor maintenance. I fully intend to get my hands dirty out there too though!

We now have our seeds, which we got via mail order. I had requested six different company seed catalogs (all for free – see a great list of these free seed catalog resources), but we ultimately went with Johnny’s Seeds. Lots of great variety and many ‘tried and true’ options.

And this is why we shop for seeds – in hope of spring and a change of scenery…


Next steps: figure out what we want to use to start seeds and to plot out the garden space to see what will go where. Stay tuned!

What do you plan to plant in your garden this year?

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