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According to, Colcannon is an essential Irish potato dish. Its unique and simple recipe has become popular around the world. It normally includes chopped kale or green cabbage mixed with hot, floury mashed potatoes.

It’s delicious!

This recipe is a bit different though and came about for 3 reasons. One, I needed to take a side dish to a potluck. Two, I bought a lot of cabbage and potatoes because they were on sale last week… probably because of this little holiday called St. Patricks Day. And apparently grocery stores think we all want to eat like the Irish. So, win for me! (Did I mention I’m half Irish? ha). Three, I didn’t have a ton of time. Throw the ingredients together into a non-stick griddle pan – easy peasy!

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Modified Colcannon (Irish Potatoes w/Cabbage)


1 large head green cabbage
10 potatoes, diced (small to med – about 1/4 – 1/2 cup each)
1/4 cup corn oil, olive oil, or butter (your preference)
2 tsp onion powder
2 tsp garlic salt
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper powder
Salt & pepper to taste (I used Buck Seasoning to taste, consider using your favorite spice rub)


I used a non-stick counter top griddle pan because the ingredients wouldn’t fit into any skillet I had. If you have this problem but don’t have a griddle pan, try sauteing in batches. While the pan is warming up (to reach about 375 degrees), add the oil/butter. Cube the potatoes into 1/4″ squares and add them to the pan as they are cut (I peeled the skin off). Then slice the cabbage into coarse shreds, doing the same – adding it as you cut it. Add the seasoning, and make sure to mix all the seasoning and oil well. I sauteed them together for about 30 minutes, continually turning. Serves approximately 12, as a side dish.

Serve immediately or wait for it to cool and save in a container in the fridge for another time. I’m still eating some leftovers and they are just as good heated up later!

~Aubree Cherie


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