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I’m in my fourth week of Curves Complete. Here is a recap of week 3:

Wow, what a week! For how I was feeling, I assumed I had the worst week yet. I ended up with good results, but I felt as though I had really done a bad job in my exercising. I was able to keep to the meals pretty well (it helps that I make 90% of everything I eat ahead of time and it’s ready to go!), but I just felt sluggish and unable to cope with the stress of life that had come my way. More on that in my ‘results’ section.

Like last week, I first looked at the available exchanges and then created my meals around those. This week I tried to avoid more fattening things and bulk up on more protein. I had protein in each meal and at least 1 snack a day (cottage cheese is considered a protein in this system, even though it is also dairy). I also discovered the Curves brand chocolate shake powder. I’ve been using about 10 ice cubs, 2 scoops of the shake powder, and some water to make a Wendy’s-frosty-like treat. It has helped me to not eat chocolate candy as much as in past weeks (remember that on occasion  you’re allowed to switch a snack to a ‘sweet treat’ listed as options in the system).




Option 1 – 1 fruit + 1 dairy + 1 protein
——-> 10 whole strawberries plus 4 oz Oikos Greek yogurt with a few drops of NuNaturals liquid stevia (F) and vanilla extract (F) + 2 whole eggs scrambled with grilled bell peppers (F), onions (F), and tomatoes (F).

 Option 2 – 1 nut + 1 protein + 1 starch
——-> 1 slice Rudi’s Gluten Free cinnamon raisin bread, 1 tsp all natural creamy peanut butter, 2 whole eggs scrambled with grilled bell peppers (F), onions (F), and tomatoes (F).



Option 1 – 1 starch + 1 fruit + 2 protein
——-> Quinoa Salad, which included 3/4 cup cooked quinoa, 1 tbs dried cranberries, 1/2 cup chickpeas, 2/3 cup black beans, and diced tomato (F)

Option 2 – 1 fruit + 2 protein + 1 fat
——-> Tofu Cranberry Salad, which contained 3 cups lettuce (F), 4 oz cranberries, 6 oz baked tofu (cubed),  2/3 cups black beans, 1 tbs raspberry walnut vinaigrette.

Option 3 – (pre-set meal option in Curves system) Chipotle Mexican Grill Salad with grilled chicken, black beans, corn salsa, fajita vegetables and salsa. I cheated a little here and had some of the chipotle ranch style sauce instead of the salsa.



Option 1 - 1 starch + 1 protein + 1 dairy
——-> Split pea soup with chicken, roasted vegetables with cheese. 2 oz dried split peas (about 1 cup cooked and watered down), 4 oz chicken breast, with roasted halved brussel sprouts (F), broccoli florets (F), cauliflower florets (F), and carrots (F). 2 oz low fat shredded cheddar cheese over the broccoli and cauliflower.

Option 2 - 2 starch + 2 protein
——->Split pea soup with chicken (as listed above) plus 1 Nature Valley Crunch granola bar and the Curves protein powder shake with ice and water. Also had roasted veggies (F), same as above but with no cheese.

Option 3 - 1 starch + 2 protein + 1 fruit
——-> Roasted sweet potato, ‘coronation chicken’, and raw carrots (F). This consisted of 1/2 whole sweet potato and about 1/4 cup of a topping I made to share at the potluck with a potato bar. It’s a very simple ‘recipe’, and was a great hit at the potluck! I combined canned peaches, black beans, canned chicken, and a little bit of mayonnaise. I blended it together in my Salsa Express hand crank food processor.



(allowed 2 a day)

Option 1 – 1 nut + 1 starch
——-> PB Energy bites. Main ingredients were peanut butter and oatmeal. I used my dry Vitamix blender to turn oats into a flour, then blended that in with peanut butter, chia seeds, NuNaturals liquid stevia (F), vanilla extract, and small amount of almond oil. They were smaller than 1 inch balls and I have 3-4 as a snack.

Option 2 – 1 fruit+ 1 protein
——-> 1/3 cup applesauce and 1/2 cottage cheese. I mix them together and love it! Not everyone does though. A good alternative could be peaches or pineapple with cottage cheese.

Option 3 – 1 protein + 1 dairy
——-> Chocolate protein shake. 2 scoops chocolate protein shake powder blended with ice and 8 oz almond milk


Workout and Activities

Curves: 4 Curves Smart/Circuit (35-40 mins each)
Stationary Bike: 5 days of 20 minute morning sessions (I read my bible, pray, and journal during this – it’s not intense)
Pedometer Steps: Goal is 10,000 – hit an average of 10,000 for 4 days this week. 2 days I only had 2,000, which is horrible. Come to find out though, something was wrong with how I was wearing the pedometer. Sometimes it would read right and sometimes it wouldn’t. So I tried a few new places and the verdict is: I will keep my pedometer clipped to my right shoe. Since doing that the readings have been accurate.
Other: 4 sessions of 50 crunches/sit-ups/ab exercises


Week Summary and Results

In talking with my nutrition coach at our weekly meeting this week, I realized that I actually did great! I had a very stressful week at work and otherwise, lacked in energy and felt fatigue most days, and I just had a negative attitude toward life – but I didn’t deviate off my eating plan! Because of my track record with emotional eating, this is actually HUGE progress! I didn’t realize it until my coach told me, but she is right! All I saw was a week where I lacked energy and a good attitude  but even though that I didn’t binge or eat junk food! So I’m super excited for that success :)

I actually lost 1lb from last week. Cool! We didn’t take my measurements/body fat this week, but I’ll find out next week if there have been any improvements there. Since starting 3 weeks ago, I have lost 2lbs total and of that, 1.41 lbs have been pure fat! So I’m feeling good about that, knowing that I’m also building good muscle mass right now.

~Aubree Cherie Davis

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8 Responses to GF Curves Complete – Week 3

  1. Chantal Robichaud says:

    Hi Aubree,

    Wow! You are doing so well! Do we have to exercise as much as you do on the curves complete programme?

    My name is Chantal and I am presently looking in starting the curves complete regime. I have a 10 month old baby girl, and well didn’t go back to my pre-pregnancy weight (actually I did but gained it all back) :(
    I started going to curves recently to get moving and now I want to work on eating healthier.
    So Im planning to try the high protein diet, but as im trying to plan my menu, I’m wondering what can I eat as exchange for eggs and cottage cheese for breakfast since they are not favorites of mine (I dont want to eat theses everyday).

    As for fats, I haven’t noticed if we are allowed items from the fat category (mayo, avocado, etc.)?

    Hope you can help!
    thx, Chantal

    • Hi Chantal,

      Thanks so much for your note! I would highly recommend that you give this program a try!

      For exercising, Curves requires you to workout there with CurvesSmart (tracks you on the machines) 4 times a week. The system also includes you getting 10,000 steps a day – tracked by a pedometer. The other exercising I do is to help expedite the process, it’s not required!

      You can eat anything that is listed as a protein in exchange for eggs and cottage cheese. A few examples are plain non-fat greek yogurt, black beans, other types of beans such as pinto, chicken, fish, ground turkey or turkey sausage, tofu, and veggie burger.

      The fat category has items like mayo (1.5 tsp), avocado (2 tbs), oil (1 tsp), butter (1 tbs), and half-n-half (1/4 cup). There are only a set sets of meals that include this particular exchange, so I rarely use it. I’ve gotten to making my own salad dressing, because if I store bought salad dressing, I’m limited to 1 tsp, which is hardly enough to cover 2 pieces of lettuce! :)

      I hope this helps :) ~Aubree Cherie Davis

  2. Jacque says:

    Do you happen to have the instructions for setting up your pedometer? I lost mine and I need to reset – I have done a web search with no real help (one, but not the instructions I recall about measure x feet, then walk/count steps to complete that . . . Thanks – your site looks very helpful and a little more personal than the actual Curves Complete website (which is also good, but . . .) Jacque, Bellingham, WA.

    • Hi Jacque – I don’t have the information needed for setting up the pedometer… when I turned my on, it worked well. The best thing to do, I think, would be to stop by your local Curves and ask a manager there. They should be trained in how to make any changes you need. Hope this helps! ~Aubree

  3. Misty R says:

    Hi Aubree. I was wondering if. You could share the recipe for the Split Pea Soup w Chicken? Thanks. PS. I used to work for Curves. Got injured. Didn’t get asked back…new owner and because I’m homeschooling my kids now. When I Lost my job, I also lost access to my Curves Complete since mine was because I was an employee. :( Anyway, thanks.

  4. Taneisha Roper says:

    Hi Aubree! Ran across your blog. You completely inspire me! Looking forward to reading about weeks 4 and 5 :)
    Celebrating you,


  5. Jenny says:

    Hi there,
    I found your website when searching “Curves gluten free” and am very impressed. My hubby has celiac and I was searching to see if it would be possible to eat GF on the Curves plan as I don’t want to make multiple meals each day! I can’t find anything past week four and hope all is ok. Will you be posting updates? I found your messages very uplifting and hope you’ll continue to write about your journey.

    • Hi Jenny, It’s funny you should ask, as I’ve been working on getting a few more weeks of meal plans together as we speak. I am currently eating along the lines of the Curves Complete meal plan, so will be sharing them soon. Stay tuned! :) In the mean time, feel free to ask any questions, I’m happy to help if I can :) ~Aubree

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