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I’m a big fan of Pinterest these days. Does it waste a lot of my time?

Um … yeah.

It will probably do the same for you if you’re unlucky enough to fall under it’s charms (but you’ll be so happy in your delusions that you won’t see it as unlucky). Initially the appeal was to collect things I ‘some day’ aspired to make or d. That in itself wasn’t a huge problem. The big problem came about when I became so inspired by others projects that I started doing my own versions. Obviously the end results are fun and are helping to make our house feel more like a home, but how I manage to find time for these things – I really don’t want to know… ;)

This idea came from the lovely sisters of the Lolly Jane Boutique blog, who created a state pride frame for their other sister who married a boy from out of state. My spin? Both my husband and I are ‘out of state’ and will probably never move back to our home regions (although, of course, we can’t project God’s will!). So I took this idea one step further to show where we both came from, but where we are now; together!

The Hubs grew up in Cincinnati, OH area and I grew up close to Syracuse, NY. The hearts on OH and NY represent where we grew up and have roots. The heart on Delaware shows where we live now, which has newly established roots! The colors aren’t exactly ‘home decor’, but this frame is up in our TV room, which is meant to be a relaxed room that shows another side of us, mostly the fun side! But anyway, the color choices are on purpose. Ohio is red because The Hubs is a Cincinnati Bearcats fan. New York is orange because I’m a Syracuse Orangemen fan. The blue of Delaware isn’t terribly significant, aside from the fact that we both like blue… :)


State Love Picture Frame


Frame of your choice
1 sheet of Felt per state(scrapbook paper would work great too!)
Sheet of red felt for the hearts
Acrylic Paint and brush
Hot glue
Computer and printer


I started out by finding good state outlines for tracing and then superimposing onto felt. I found those here, after doing a simple Google Image search. Print out the outlines that you find. Depending on the size of your frame, you’ll likely need to adjust the state size in your printing process. It’s better to have to print multiple copies of the state to find the right size than to later discover the felt you cut out won’t fit in the frame! Luckily I had a big frame and didn’t have to worry about it. I didn’t worry about scale between states either (clearly, if you know how small Delaware is ;)).

Cut out the prints and trace around them with a sharpie onto the felt sheets. Also cut out the hearts. I drew a heart on printer paper and then traced it out once I was mildly approving of it’s overall shape (there were questionable prototypes).

The matte of the frame was brown due to the material it was made out of, so I used acrylic paint to give it a white background, so it would better blend with our TV room wall.

Use the hot glue gun to glue the pieces on, add the plastic or glass back to the frame, and hang!

So… once it’s up there and we’re enjoying it, The Hubs notices something peculiar about DE. Have you ever seen such a straight coastline? Yeah, me neither. I guess next time I’ll try and pay better attention to which side of the felt I’m gluing :P

~Aubree Cherie


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One Response to State Love

  1. Jessica says:

    This is great. I have pinned something similar that I plan to do…someday when I have time. Maybe when Baby J is 18, haha!

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