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Sorry I missed last week! A few recipes from two weeks ago MAY have been sneaked into this list – couldn’t help it :) Also, I’ve decided not to continue with the linky for other recipes to be added. The response has been low and so I don’t think it’s something people are really interested in doing (do feel free to correct me if I’m wrong though!).

Hope you all are enjoying the spring!

Favorite Recipes from Last Week
(5/17 to 5/23)

Chocolate Chai Pudding
(Amy from Simply Sugar and Gluten Free)

Chocolate Cupcakes
(from Cara’s Cravings)

Raw Chocolate Mousse
(from Body Alive, Body Aware)

Zucchini “Fettuccine” with Mushrooms and Prosciuitto Bacon
(Michelle from Health Food Lover)

Chicken and Broccoli Stir fry
(Linda from the Gluten Free Homemaker)

Chicken Breast with Olives and Rosemary
(Helen from Miz Helen’s Country Kitchen)

Coconut Lime Biscotti
(Brittany from Real Sustenance)

‘Wheat’ Thins
(Elana from Elana’s Pantry)

Pandan and Cardamon Rice Pudding
(from the Intolerant Chef)

Cranberry Pepper Mini Pizza’s
(Me from Living Free)

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3 Responses to Favorite Recipes (5/17 to 5/23)

  1. Ricki says:

    As always, your list of recipes includes many I want to try! I love chia pudding and of course chocolate anything! And thanks for the mini pizzas–brought back memories of grade school when my mom made English Muffin pizzas for me!

  2. As usual, I’ve seen some of these recipes, but not all Aubree. You do such a great job choosing them … I’d rather have you do it. ;-) I think we could have a lovely meal for all of us from this weeek’s entries. :-)


  3. I always like reading through your choices, it’s nice tothave someone elses view of things, sometimes we have our own little predjudices or dislikes and we might miss out on something awesome. If you recommend a recipe, I like to check it out!

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