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Okay, first of all… I LOVE that you’ve all been participating with the linky! You’ve made my year – I love seeing what you all post :) I certainly hope the fun will continue!!!

Please note the following fun change!
I’ve also really been enjoying your feedback and comments. Great ideas and I’m rolling with them! This past week a suggestion was made to have you all post CURRENT recipes that you’ve been seeing. This way, as you come across a new recipe, you can link to it immediately – it doesn’t need to be ‘from last week’. That’s why I’ve changed the blog post title simply to Favorite Recipes (not sure if that name will stick, but I’m experimenting here :)). I’ve added a line about this in the ‘quick rule recap’ section above the linky, as well.

Okay, this week I found 15 that I didn’t want to cut down even farther (they were all MUSTS!) But I’ve managed to get it down to 10, so I’m hoping that some of you will choose the other 5 to link ;)

Favorite Recipes from Last Week
(4/12 to 4/18)

Bacon and Egg Appetizer Dip
(Linda from the Gluten Free Homemaker)

Raw Inspired Kiwi Coconut Ice Cream
(Brittany from Real Sustenance)

Indian Cauli Dip
(Deanna from the Mommy Bowl)

Raw Double ‘Coco’ Cranberry Drops
(Heather from The Gluten Free Cat)

Dark Chocolate Walnut Bliss Bars
(Shirley from Gluten Free Easily)

Sweet Coconut Biscuits
(Iris from the Daily Dietribe)

Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Easter Ovoids
(Ricki from Diet, Dessert, and Dogs)

Grain-Free Vegan Chocolate Fruit Tart
(Valerie from City|Life|Eats)

Chocolate fRAWstie
(Maggie from She Let Them Eat Cake)

Roasted Butternut Squash with a Spicy Flare
(Me from Living Free)


A quick recap on the rules:
– add a recipe that you like from someone else’s blog (can’t be your own recipe)
the recipe can be from ‘last week’ or RIGHT NOW!
– All recipes need to be gluten free please. If possible, sugar free and dairy free would be fun to!
– Please make sure you link an actual recipe post, not just a link or picture post
– You can add entries up until the following Monday
– If you’d like, add a comment about the recipe you added if you think it deserves some extra text love :)
-Here is what your link text could look like: <name of recipe> from <blog with recipe><(your name – blog),
i.e., Almond Dream Shake from Gluten Free Easily (Aubree – Living Free)


Thanks all!

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8 Responses to Favorite Recipes (4/12 to 4/18)

  1. I hope I did that right… I was lost on the instructions. I think this is an awesome idea! I love those darn Almond Buckwheat Goji Raw Bar… What Runs Lori is a fabulous blog too!

  2. Iris says:

    Thanks for including my biscuits! I added Shirley’s Frozen Orange Kisses. I really want to make them!

  3. Hi Leanne, I’m sorry that the instructions are confusing! I think once this happens a few more times it will be easier to do – I’ll try and work on articulating them better too. Thanks for your patience :) And those Almond buckwheat Goji raw bars do look amazing! :D

    Hey Iris – I can’t wait to try the biscuit recipe you have! And I’m excited that you chose Shirleys Orange kisses (they were one of the five that I wanted to also add to the top ten :))

  4. Ricki says:

    Thanks so much for including my ovoids (glad that made you chuckle)! :D And I’m thrilled that we can now at from “right now” up until the deadline–I’m off to check out blogs and find a candidate!

  5. Tiffanee says:

    What a great list and what a fun link up party!! I am off to see what I can link up!

  6. So many great recipes, and I’m so honored to be included! Can I just say that I crack up each and every time I see Ricki’s recipe title, ovoids? It’s just so cute, so funny, and so Ricki … and, of course, delicious (which coud be Ricki’s name!). Okay, will pick one to link up … I’ll be back. ;-)


  7. Maggie says:

    Thanks Aubree. I love it when my recipes make your list :) Makes my day every single time! I love this link up thing you’re doing now too! I had no idea!

  8. A totally belated but heartfelt thank you for including me in this roundup. It is always a thrill to be included in your Top Ten list :)

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