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We had 9 entries last week, much to my excitement! Have you had a chance to visit those recipes as well? If you didn’t, check out the roundup from last week here.

I’m trying just the text links this week. Next time I’ll try and decide which one worked the best. Let me know what you think too! :)

This week I seemed to float more toward the savory dishes; they all looked so flavorful! I was especially excited to see that quinoa and asparagus were popular among recipes, as they are two of my favorite ingredients. Have no fear though, there are still a few desserts, as I was unable to resist. One of these weeks I’m going to try and see if I can avoid showing favoritism towards the desserts… on second though, yeah right! :P

Favorite Recipes from Last Week
(4/05 to 4/11)


Middle Eastern Red Quinoa
(from Wheatless and Meatless)

Oat-meal Lavender Snack Cakes
(Hallie from Daily Bites)

Almond Dream Shake
(Shirley from Gluten Free Easily via Maggie from She Let Them Eat Cake)

Moroccan Inspired Vegan Quinoa Skillet
(Alta from Tasty Eats at Home)

Chocolate Chesnut Quickbread
(Jenn from Jenn Cuisine)

Pan Grilled Asparagus
(Pat from Elegantly, Gluten Free)

Mushrooms Stuffed with Asparagus and Bacon
(Andrea from Andrea’s Kitchen)

Whole Grain Hamburger Buns
(Megan from Food Sensitivity Journal)

Almond Mocha Chia Pudding
(Valerie from City|Life|Eats)

Raw Crispy Sweet Potato Chips
(Me from Living Free)


So a quick recap on the rules:
– add a recipe that you like from someone else’s blog (can’t be your own recipe)
– the recipe you add should be from last Tuesday to today, so for this week that’s March 29 to April 4th.
– All recipes need to be gluten free please. If possible, sugar free and dairy free would be fun to!
– Please make sure you link an actual recipe post, not just a link or picture post
– Add your entry by the following Friday each week, so that we all have the weekend to explore.
– If you’d like, add a comment about the recipe you added if you think it deserves some extra text love :)

One thing that I thought could have been better last week was the ability to know who shared the recipes. Here is what your link text could look like: <name of recipe><blog with recipe><(your name or blog),
i.e., Almond Dream Shake – Gluten Free Easily (Aubree)
Lets just test it out and see if we like it :)


Thanks all!

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7 Responses to Favorite Recipes from Last Week (4/05 to 4/11)

  1. Thank you for including the chia pudding recipe :) I so appreciate it – it is always so exciting to be included on the list!

  2. Megan says:

    Love your new look! It’s nice to change things up once in awhile. Thanks for including my hamburger bun recipe in today’s line up! I always love to see your top ten.

  3. How very cool that my adoption post of Maggie got her Almond Dream Shake featured. That’s like a double word score in Scrabble, right? ;-) I’ve been out of the loop, Aubree. I didn’t know we could submit favorites for the Top 10. What a great idea! There are some winners here for sure. You have a new Top 10 logo, too. Gosh, a girl turns her back and all kinds of things happen! LOL So happy to be included. I’ll try to share my weekly faves from this point on. I love the concept! Oh, and yeah, good luck on not showing favoritism to desserts. Hehe.


  4. Some great choices this week!

  5. Stephanie says:

    A good roundup once again! I can’t imagine making the link I submitted unless I took a day off work (or two). Even the name sounds exhausting. But it sounds/looks divine, all the same!!

    Hope someone with more ambition than me right now will try the Ginger Lemon & Bourbon Blood Orange Tart With Cardamom Almond Crust :)

  6. Ricki says:

    Can I make a tiny suggestion/request to alter the rules just a teeny bit? I find that as I read through blogs during the week, I often think, “WOW! I love that recipe! Must save it!” or something like that. But by the time the “Top Ten” rolls around, I have forgotten what it was, where it was, etc. Is there any way we can add our faves during the week as they happen (maybe to last week’s Top Ten post?) and then when the new Top Ten arrives, you’ll already have a full list of suggestions from readers, sitting and waiting. For instance, I just came across Alex’s Pumpernickel Skillet Bread and think it’s fabulous. . .but I’m sure that by next Tuesday, I won’t have the link handy any more, or it will get lost among the other 542 recipes I will have read by then! ;)

  7. Ok, my jet laggged fried brain totally did not get the instructions – I Was so excited about Shirley’s Frozen Orange Treats I did not realize I should be submitting them to the Mr Linky next week. So sorry.

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