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Everyone is seriously KILLING me this week! I can’t look at anyone’s blog without salivating or feeling like I’m gaining weight just by looking at all the incredibly tasty treats. The crazy part is that most of them are actually pretty healthy, so here I am… justifying cooking, baking, and eating ever sweet treat posted by all you fabulous people. (And I’m not exaggerating when I say fabulous!) This week was extra tough, with everyone bringing out the big guns. Chocolate, sweets, and heart shaped tastiness abound! The passing of Valentines day is really a good thing I think, at least according to my waistline ;)

My Fav (Top 10) Recipes from

Last Week (2-8 to 2-14)

Raspberry Brownie Bites
(Beth from Delectably Free)

Carrot Bread with Chai Spices
(Karina from The Gluten Free Goddess)

Honey Chocolate
(Kim from Affairs of Living)

Frosted Sugar Cookies
(Maggie from She Let Them Eat Cake)

Chocolate Power Bars
(from Food Sensitivity Journal)

Almond and Spice Bean Pie
(Kelly from The Spunky Coconut)

Double Chocolate Brownie Hearts
(Jas from the Gluten Free Scallywag)

Chocolate Curry Bites
(Valerie from City|Life|Eats)

Vegetarian Tofu Meatballs
(Sea from Book of Yum)

Spicy Roasted Acorn Squash Soup
(Me from Living Free)

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7 Responses to My Fav (Top 10) Recipes from Last Week (2/8 to 2/14)

  1. Aww, thank you for including me in your Top 10 :) And what a great list of recipes!

  2. I don’t know how you could make your decision this week. The posts have been amazing!!!

  3. Megan says:

    I’m so honored to be part of your top 10 list!! Thanks Aubree!

  4. aww – thanks for including my double chocolate hearts in your top ten – it must have been very hard to get this list down to ten. I think I’ve done the most bookmarking ever over the past 3days. I won’t need to search for chocolate recipe inspiration for at least a few years!

  5. Some great choices there!

  6. LOL on everyone bringing out the big guns this week, Aubree! I see lots of recipes I missed … thank goodness you are doing the hard work for me. ;-) I’ll be checking all out. Love your Top 10, girlie!


  7. Maggie says:

    I am so honored! Thanks Aubree! What a great list of blogs and recipes :) Sorry we tempted you so.

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