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Tastiness abounds this week! Scroll down now if you just can’t handle the excitement ;)

Or, if you have a second, read on if you’re interested in guest hosting Top Ten Tuesday; there are slots left! As I mentioned last week, I will be out of the country over the holidays as well as the month of January. Instead of putting My Fav Top 10 Recipes from Last Week on hiatus until I return, I thought it would be fun to pass the torch onto some of my fellow bloggers, and make it YOUR favorite top ten recipes from last week. So far I’ve had a good response, but there are still weeks available! Please e-mail me at aubreecherie at gmail dot com if you’re interested in helping out. Please see my post from last weeks Top Ten Tuesday for just a tad more details. Thanks!

My Fav (Top 10) Recipes from

Last Week (11-23 to 11-29)

Cinnamon Apple Cake
(Lillian from Lillian’s Test Kitchen)

Pan-Seared Oatmeal Wedges with Warm Plum Sauce and Sweet Potato Spread
(Ricki from Diet, Dessert, and Dogs)

Gluten Free Pecan Pie
(Ellen from I am Gluten Free)

Peach and Kumquat Crostata
(Alta from Tasty Eats at Home)

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies
(Ellen from I am Gluten Free)

Gluten Free Vegan Mexican Sweet Potato Black Bean Hash
(Sea from Book of Yum)

Sweet Potato Spread
(Maggie from She Let Them Eat Cake)

Pumpkin Corn Muffins
(Shirley from Gluten Free Easily)

An Unusual Take on Cheesecake
(Megan from the Food Sensitivity Journal)

Banana Date Cake Bars
(Me from Living Free)

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5 Responses to My Fav (Top 10) Recipes from Last Week (11/23 to 11/29)

  1. Ricki says:

    So much deliciousness! Your bars looked great and I’m curious about Maggie’s spread. But does the strike-through on my recipe mean you didn’t like it after all??? ;)

  2. Ricki says:

    Grrrrr!! WP still not letting my comments through… will try AGAIN. Could that explain the strike-through on my recipe, too? Anyway, all these recipes sound great! Love the sweet potato spread, of course. ;)

  3. Sorry Ricki – not sure what happened! I re-entered the link though and it seems to be fine again. Thanks for letting me know! :)


  4. Megan says:

    This looks like another great list! Thanks for including FSJ :)

  5. Aubree, you honor me so by choosing my recipes for the Top 10 from time to time! Thank you, dear! :-)

    I missed that you were going to be gone for the next several weeks (or forgot!). Hope you have a fun trip planned! Will have to email you to see if I can help out in January. December is awfully booked for me though.


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