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A big thank you to all who participating in my giveaway this past week! My sister’s work was showcased and I hope you all enjoyed getting to know her a little bit more.

Okay, on to the winner! I counted up all the entries whether it be comments, facebook likes, or tweets. Using, the winner is Liberty from the blog 16 Balls in the Air. Congratulations Liberty! You win the unique handmade jewelry piece called Rain Drops.

If you all enjoyed seeing my sisters work, be sure to follow her on Etsy. She’s got a lot of new pieces in the works and has also taken all your suggestions to heart. You may have also noticed that I now have an Etsy widget here on my site for your convenient viewing pleasure – happy jewelry shopping! :)

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2 Responses to We have a winner!

  1. Liberty says:

    Thanks so much!! I’m super excited about the necklace…
    *blessings on you both*

  2. Ricki says:

    Congrats, Liberty! It’s a beautiful necklace. :)

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