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Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to someone I know very well and is one of my favorite people in the world. Do you have someone who makes you laugh when all you thought you could do was cry? What about someone who will listen to your crazy ideas, even if they get you BOTH in trouble? (Or waste A LOT of money… oops :D) Do you have someone you can quote your favorite movie lines with over and over again and they never get old?

I do. And that person is my sister Dori! (Fondly referred to as The Seester or ‘the other one’.)

Don’t get me wrong, sisters can be annoying too. Especially ones who can cook like gourmet chefs, take photographs that make you stop dead in your tracks, or paint pictures that make you wonder if you got ANY of the talent genes in the family. Seriously, next to her, my artistic and domestic attempts look like I’m banging a stick on a fire hoping for a loaf of bread (think caveman…)

Since I could go on and on, I’ve asked her to give a mini bio about herself:
At my “real job” I am a photographer/designer/customer service rep for a great company. What I really love to do is create beautifully designed pieces of jewelry, scrap greeting cards, and I LOVE still life and landscape photography. I hope that what I create appeals to your tastes but mainly I just want you to appreciate and enjoy what I do. Thank you for taking a peek at what I love!

Now, instead of trying to fight her natural talents (after 20 some odd years it’s about time I realize I won’t win) I’ve decided to flaunt them to a fault! One of her crazy awesome skills is jewelry making; she even has a shop on etsy that showcases her work in resin pieces. Now on to the giveaway! She’s graciously agreed to donate one of her jewelry pieces to one of you lucky winners!

Check out all of Dori’s currently for sale work at her etsy shop, Dori D’nae Designs.

Here is what you could win:

Piece Entitled: Rain Drops

Rain Drops: A hand cast blue resin piece is coupled with two glass beads in the same shade of baby blue. The are attached by twisted silver colored wire in the shape of a chandelier and finished with a blue glass seed bead strung wire that is adjustable to fit just right.

Here are the rules:

Each comment left on this post will be considered one entry. If you do more than one of the items below, please say so in separate comments so that it will count in the random selection! You can have up to three entries.

1)  go to Dori’s Etsy Shop and leave a comment here about which piece you like and why

2)  if you haven’t already, LIKE the Living Free Facebook page (only counts if you’re a first timer!)

3)  link to this post on either Facebook or twitter (can count as two if you do both)

I will be randomly selecting a winner on Wednesday evening (the 15th) so to announce the winner a week from today on Thursday (the 16th). I hope you’ll all participate! My sister totally deserves the attention. :)  Tell your friends!

This is linked to Friday Favorites.

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25 Responses to Introductions and A Unique Giveaway

  1. I just found your site a week or so ago and am very happy I did!!

    The GF recipes you’ve linked to are awesome!

    I have this thing for blue crystal and I love this necklace! This is my favorite piece over at the shop: Again, likely because it’s blue but I also love the detail on the actual necklace part itself; it’s so dainty and plays off the larger crystals perfectly.

    I just became a fan on Facebook, too!

  2. Ricki says:

    I LOVED the orange and teal bubbles pendant, and the orange trio was lovely, too. Such talent in your family! (And how could you say such things–just LOOK at your blog, your food, your recipes!!). What a great idea for a different giveaway. I’ll be tweeting and FB’ing, too! :D

  3. Alisa says:

    This is the sweetest post and your sister sounds like she has amazing talent! I love her jewelry, and I think the design of the Orange Trio really caught me most. Would love it in blue :)

  4. Alisa says:

    I already follow you on twitter and I RT’ed your giveaway post!

  5. Alisa says:

    Already like you on Facebook :)

  6. Christainne Madona says:

    Speaking of sisters, I hear you! I share a duplex with my very talented sister. She leaves the cooking to me however and she just sampled your delish cornbread recipe last night!
    I love your sister’s work as well. I am the orange lover of the family but my sister’s favorite color is blue and that gorgeous necklace would look stunning on her!
    Hmmm her birthday is in the fall but who needs a special occassion to give a favorite sister a present right?
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  7. Liberty says:

    I love my sister too! she’s a hoot and has quite often helped me see the bright side when i was in the doldrums!
    I liked you on FB!
    I left a comment on her etsy page. I agree with you that’s she’s totally crafy and I lOVE her sparkly originality!
    Any coincindence the drawing on my birthday?!? I’m taking it as a lucky sign… :)

  8. Christine says:

    So pretty! I like the “Three of a kind” necklace the best as the colour combination is great and it seems like a really classy necklace.

  9. Laura Krause says:

    I absolutely LOVE the “Three of a kind”. It reminds me of peace and camp Cherokee for some reason. The peaceful mornings on the dock, with fog rolling in, loons calling and calms blue waters… that’s why I like this particular piece. Dori has quite the talent! As I recall, you’re both full of it! (talent, that is:)). Miss ya!

  10. Susan aka paintermom says:

    I love your sister’s work! Thanks for having the giveaway.

  11. Laura Krause says:

    P.S. I already “like” (and really do like) your facebook live free site! :)

  12. How cool! So nice to meet Dori and see her beautiful work! :-) Jewelry makers amaze me. I’m quite fond of blues and greens, so I definitely like “three of a kind” best (well other than this Rain necklace, which is gorgeouso!). I like the silver factor, too. Not a golden girl when it comes to jewelry.

    Fun giveaway, Aubree! And, it’s neat you’re keeping it in the family for your first giveaway. ;-)

    Thanks to you both!

  13. Just shared on FB. I forgot to tag you though. (I know that’s the cool way to do it.)


  14. Carolyn says:

    Your jewelry is so beautiful. You are very talented.

  15. I tweeted! (I couldn’t help but notice that Ricki tweeted that this necklace has her name on it, but I think not. LOL)


  16. Emily Shortslef says:

    I’m in love with the “orange and teal bubbles of glitter.” I wear orange and teal–together and separately–pretty much all the time. You two are the most talented pair of sisters I know!

  17. Dori Pack says:

    I just wanted to tell everyone thank you for your comments and suggestions! They are very sweet. I also welcome constructive criticism so don’t be shy. :D. I also wanted to say that if you have any questions, I’m looking at the comments so please ask, I would be happy to answer. Shout out to Emily and Laura – I miss you guys!

  18. Breanna says:

    Thanks for sharing your sisters work- I Love the orange trio necklace, great colors and style! Breanna at Allergic Adventures

  19. Breanna says:

    I liked Living Free on facebook, thanks! Breanna

  20. Breanna says:

    Just tweetedabout the giveaway! Thanks!

  21. Kim says:

    Just found your wonderful site and am so happy I did! I cannot wait to try some of your wonderful recipes, YUM! Also I liked you on facebook. Hope I get lucky enough to win this beautiful piece of jewelry it would make a lovely birthday pressie to myself, lol.

  22. Alea says:

    Lovely post! I enjoyed reading about your sister. I love the colors in the Three of a Kind necklace!

  23. Carolyn says:

    The Orange and Teal Glitter is beautiful but then again they are all beautiful. What a talented sister you are blessed with.

  24. Pat says:

    Wow! It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I especially like the Orange Trio — the colors are really eye-catching and the shape really appeals to me.

  25. Jerri says:

    Am I too late to enter? If not, I like her Candy Collection in Stained Glass!

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