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We interrupt this weekly Top Ten series (only briefly) to present a fantastic video! It’s all about taking your health into your own hands. A while back Lillian, from Lillian’s Test Kitchen, and I were talking about asking the ‘why’ question.

What ‘why’ question you ask? It’s the question that many ‘normal’ eating people ask us… Why do you eat the way you do? It can be more specific, like… Why don’t you eat wheat? What’s so bad about a little sugar? Why can’t you eat dairy? The list goes on and on! For many of you, the answer is already clear; because when you’re careful about what you put in your body, you feel better!

Lillian recently as posted a video in which she talks about why she cooks for herself and why she chooses to do so without dairy, grains, soy, or cane sugar. I can relate. I can relate A LOT. Can you relate?

Conversations: Making My Own Food from lillian mara medville on Vimeo.

Whats your favorite part of the video? Mine is when she shares her passion for wanting everyone to be able to eat a cookie! It’s definitely crucial to MY happiness.. I’m with you Lillian ;)

Now… on to the food!

My Fav (Top 10) Recipes from

Last Week (8-10 to 8-16)

Green Tea and Honey Ginger Tofu
(Averie from Love Veggies and Yoga)

Breakfast Crunch Biscuits
(from In the Cocina… Gluten Free)

Raspberry Crisp
(Elizabeth from My Allergy Free Life)

Chocolate Mint Thins
(Jas from Gluten Free Scallywag)

Indian Quinoa Masala
(Sea from Book of Yum)

Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
(Maggie from She Let Them Eat Cake)

Maple Oat Nut Cookies
(Deanna from The Mommy Bowl)

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bread
(from The Comfy Tummy)

Vegan Bacon
(from No Meat Athlete)

No Bake Sweet Potato Pie
(Me from Living Free)

Please be sure to stop by Lillian’s Test Kitchen, she’s absolutely fabulous and I know you’ll enjoy her video recipes as much as I do!

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7 Responses to My Fav (Top 10) Recipes from Last Week (08/10-08/16)

  1. Theresa says:

    I can totally relate to that! I almost cried when I saw that video, she really helps to explain that fear so many GF (and other food needs) people feel when eating out… and also the sadness when we have to be so vigilant all the time. It’s exhausting.
    LOVE your top ten lists!

  2. Deanna says:

    Thanks so much for picking my recipe as one of your top ten! That means a lot to me – I value your opinion.

    I can relate to Lillian’s desire to take care of yourself, but I never felt much panic as I already cooked for myself most of the time. But, I definitely agree with her that everyone should be able to eat a cookie, no matter what their food issues!

  3. These recipes look great! I have a steadily growing list of bookmarked recipes in my browser… A few of these will definitely be added to that! Thanks for sharing ;-)

    FYI: If you’re interested, I just posted a Pamela’s Products interview and giveaway at my blog so feel free to stop by and enter!

  4. thanks aubree for the mention and for saying hi today! have a great week! glad you like my tofu recipe :)

  5. Maggie says:

    Thanks Aubree. You’re too good to me :) I love Lillian’s test kitchen and I love how she states so simply that everyone deserves a cookie! So true. I would add “and a cupcake” though! Haha.

  6. oh amanda says:

    Awesome. I need to carve out 3 mintues to watch the video. I’ve been on a food journey and am interested in what she says!


  7. Wow, Aubree, what an amazing job from you and everyone else! I just took a quick look around at all the posts (some blogs that are new to me, too–exciting!) and I almost want to say home and cook, instead of go to IFBC. Well, almost. ;-) These will wait until I get back and I’ll be ready when cooler weather comes to make all these delights!

    Lillian is a cutie! We should indeed take care of ourselves and cookies are required. ;-) I hope we’ll remember to educate the public when we’re out though … restaurant owners and workers alike. We didn’t know exactly what gluten free, dairy free, etc. meant when we are diagnosed and I think we need to remember they are people, too. I know Lillian was speaking from her perspective on being safe (and I get that, having been served croutons on salads many times and having to send back and inspect), but just wanted to add that thought. I did a post called Educate, Not Eviscerate on the topic a while back.

    Anyway, GREAT roundup! Hugs,


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