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So this week I’m obviously on a sweet kick. Most of the recipes listed below would make a perfect sweet treat! In fact, one of the recipes I’ve already made; I simply couldn’t hold myself back! (Can you guess which one?) And then, for good measure, I couldn’t resist some savory dishes either. I’m typically one to promote a healthy balance, but I may have gone a little overboard in picking the sweet stuff this week. Thank goodness for the burgers and chicken recipes, eh? ;)

My Fav (Top 10) Recipes from

Last Week (7-14 to 7-20)

Sweet Breakfast Omelet
(Michelle from Health Food Lover)

Mexican Style Meatless Black Bean Burgers
(Katie from Kitchen Stewardship)

Veggie Burgers Supreme
(Heather from Life, Gluten Free)

Mushroom Herb Chicken
(Chaya from My Sweet and Savory)

Sugar Free Berry Sorbet
(Kim from Affairs of Living)

Chewy Chocolate Vegan Date Brownies
(Amy from Simply Sugar and Gluten Free)

Banana Muffins with Chocolate Mousse Frosting
(Lillian from Lillians Test Kitchen)

Refined Sugar and Dairy Free Yogurt
(Kelly from the Spunky Coconut)

Crispy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
(Kim from Affairs of Living)

Cherry Salsa Glazed Chicken
(Me from Living Free)

Did you guess which one I ‘Simply’ couldn’t resist making right away? Amy’s Chewy Chocolate Vegan Date Brownies. YUM! I highly recommend :)

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2 Responses to My Fav (Top 10) Recipes from Last Week (7-14 to 7-20)

  1. oh amanda says:

    OK. The banana muffin w/chocolate mousse frosting is killin’ me. How delicious!!

    And I love your Top Ten tab…and the list behind it! I hope you DO get some traffic from it! :)

  2. Chaya says:

    Thanks, I am honored.

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