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I was very confused at first with this concept of adopting a gluten free blogger. Wildy intrigued, but I wasn’t sure what it was exactly. Even after reading the directions and seeing many fellow blogger friends participating, I stayed back from it. But just the other day, it clicked… This is what I discovered:

Lets face it, all you have to do is glance at your reader or blogroll to see that each person brings so much to the table. And with each blogger posting anywhere from 1 to 5 recipes a week, its hard to keep up! I struggle to read through all the amazing recipes, let alone make any. SO… this Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger is a great excuse to do two things at once. 1) Try out that recipe you’ve had bookmarked for a month and are dying to try and 2) still be able to keep those readers happy by posting a recipe (even though its not yours!)

Hint O’ Chocolate Banana Muffins

My first ‘adoptee’ is Iris from the Daily Dietribe. It only took a week or two of reading her blog for me to truly look up to her. She has a very busy life and not only does she balance it all – she posts excellent and creative recipes! I’m especially inspired by Iris because she struggles with many of the same food issues I do (i.e, binge eating), and she’s not afraid to talk about them on her blog. I eat her posts up! Unfortunately I can only ‘eat up’ the words; I’ll have to head to Brooklyn if I want to try her food for real :)

I had hoped to make more than one of her recipes for this months AaGFB, but because time got away from me, I had to pick the one I wanted to try the most. That was easy. Iris submitted Hint O’Chocolate Banana Muffins to a muffin challenge last month and I was itching to try them! And I got my chance :)

So get on over to The Daily Dietribe and check these babies out. I won’t be posting the recipe here (as I choose to be a rule abiding blogger :D), but here are some minor changes I had to make due to lack of ingredient availability or diet restrictions. I used white rice flour as a replacement for the 1/4 cup of amaranth flour, I used 3 extra large bananas instead of 4 medium, unsweetened soymilk instead of real milk, and I used canola oil instead of olive because I ran out.

I also did something embarrassing… I added a whole teaspoon of apple cider vinegar instead of 1/4 teaspoon. I was mixing it up and thought to myself , Hmm, that burning sensation in my nostrils seems a bit strong. So I added 1/4 teaspoon of stevia to even it out. You seriously can’t tell there was any mistake at all once they’re baked!!!

I ended up making 9 large muffins and 16 mini muffins from the batch. The 9 large muffins took about 30 minutes and the mini muffins took about 20 minutes in the oven.

The blend of chocolate, cinnamon, and banana is so tasty and delicious in a muffin! I had to fight off my roommates, The Boy, and random house guests from eating the whole lot. I wanted ALL of them, darn it! hehe

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8 Responses to Adoption: Glutenfree Style (w/Iris and some tasty muffins!)

  1. Iris says:

    I’m so glad they worked out! And thanks for the kind words :) It’s thanks to you and other bloggers that I’m trying to be sugar and dairy free now, so I look up to you too!

  2. Jessica says:

    These look super tasty :)

  3. those look awesome! And I agree, isn’t it amazing how many talented bloggers are out there? I’m new to the whole blogosphere and am simply astounded.

  4. Summer says:

    Hulo dear, thanxx a ton for stoping by my blog and right now,am having my 1st ever giveaway:-)))

    U sure have some super delicious treats here:-))0

  5. Iris is the best and so are you, Aubree! You did a beautiful job with her muffins. :-) I love how you improvised with that mistake … that’s definitely what cooking is all about. ;-)

    I’m adopting another blogger this month, too. Will have my post up in a few days.


  6. Meg says:

    thank’s for the blog birthday wishes and sweet kind words!

    those muffins look SO good! it’s good that they didn’t end up tasting like vinegar haha.

  7. […] Cherie adopted the Daily Diatribe and made some delicious gluten-free Hint O’Chocolate Banana Muffins Recipe: Gluten-free Hint […]

  8. Tia says:

    Those muffins sound and look great. I can’t wait to try that recipe. I’m glad you were able to fix the vinegar problem. I understand about wanting them all to yourself. I would have a hard time sharing those.


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