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The other day, I took my first stab at Black Bean Brownies. They turned out really well. So much so that I have to monitor how many black beans I cook lest I convince myself that I have enough leftover to make brownies again. (They might be healthier than other brownies, but still! haha). Last week I made extra northern (white) beans on accident. There wasn’t quiet enough to freeze for next week, so I thought I’d try them in a dessert.

These bars are smooth and very dense. In the process of making them, I felt they weren’t quiet sweet enough and I didn’t want to add any more agave. So I added the dates and pecans. I also added unsweetened cocoa which obviously doesn’t add sweetness, but it gave it a slightly different rich flavor that added to the overall taste. The addition of the pecans and dates also brought a natural sweetness to the bars without making me feel guilty for using too much of my precious stash of agave nectar.

They’re strange, granted… but so am I. A perfect fit! :D

White Bean Blondie Bars


1 1/2 cups cooked northern beans
1/2 cup tapioca flour
1/2 cup brown rice flour
1/2 cup pecan meal
1 1/2 cups ripe banana
1/3 cup corn oil
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup amber agave nectar, divided
1/4 tsp salt
2 tbs finely chopped dates
1 oz unsweetened cocoa bar
1/4 cup finely chopped pecans


Cook the northern beans. I soaked mine overnight and then let them cook on low in my slow cooker over the next night; about 10 hours cooking on LOW with the ratio of 1/3 beans to 2/3 water (I made extra for other things so I don’t have the exact measurement for this recipe). It made the beans very soft and all the water cooked out. I’m sure anyway you cook them would work about the same, but you want to make sure they beans are ‘mushy’ and aren’t whole anymore.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Take and mash your bananas. The ripe-er they are the better!! In a separate bowl, combine the oil and beans; mix well before then adding the bananas. Mix in 1/4 cup of agave nectar, vanilla and peanut butter. In another separate bowl combine the flours, nut meal, and salt. In yet ANOTHER bowl (I had to wash the first one and dry it off – I don’t have a lot of mixing bowls! haha) beat the three eggs, add the other 1/4 cup agave, and beat some more. Once they’re relatively ‘fluffy’ and frothy, add them to the banana mix. Then add the flour mix.

Lastly, fold in the finely chopped dates, pecans and finely chopped unsweetened cocoa bar. Spray a glass pan and ‘pour’ the batter in. It’ll be quiet thick so you’ll need to manipulate it flat. I recommend a glass pan because it seems that I have a better track record of ‘retracting’ creations from glass than metal. You could probably also line a pan with parchment paper for similar effect. I don’t usually splurge on the baking paper though :)

Bake at 350 for about 40 minutes.

Along with having a glass pan, I recommend that you let the pan cool for about an hour on the stove top. Then cover it and keep it in the fridge overnight before you cut it or serve it. (Okay, so I had a taste right when it came out, but all I had to show for that was a burnt tongue:))

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11 Responses to White Bean Blondie Bars

  1. beans in brownies hmm just might have to give it a try, I would have never thought, thanks

  2. I have a all beans recipe book that has desserts like this but it doesn’t have any pictures. THIs looks amazing. Thanks for sharing with Tasty Tuesday.

  3. Wow! I would have never thought about mixing beans and brownies, but these sound so yummy! And, they don’t sound strange, just different. I like different! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I’ve used both black beans and chickpeas in chocolate brownies and cakes, but no white beans yet. But, Kelly’s (Spunky Coconut) Vanilla Bean Cake made with white beans is loved by many, many people. So you are not weird or alone in thinking this is a good idea! I’m sure they are delicious … they look fantastic. I’m amazed how much natural sweetness dates can add, and I’m all for more cocoa and pecans. :-)


  5. Jo says:

    These sound wonderful and what a sneaky way to get some fiber in!

  6. How timely!! I just made some white bean blondies last night after reading a recipe online. Mine is somewhat different but has a lot of similar aspects. I’ll be posting mine sometime soon!

  7. Mikki says:

    This recipe looks really interesting. One of those things where you don’t think it would taste good, but it ends up tasting amazing.

    Just stopping by via TMTT :-)

  8. Brenda says:

    What a fun recipe.

  9. Thanks everyone for the great comments! I was hesitant to add this concoction to my blog; I’m glad you all don’t think I’m too weird :) You all keep me going with your positive encouragement, its true!!!

    ~Aubree Cherie

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  11. I just happen to have some white beans languishing in my fridge. It would really be wrong to not make these, now wouldn’t it? ^-^

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