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So I’m sitting here eating this soup right now, which I think affords for the best sort of post. I can’t have any forgotten feelings or fail to remember the subtle tastes while I re-count it for the sake of the recipe.

Its an incredibly easy soup, almost reminiscent of a good homemade tomato soup. But a little bit sweeter and creamier. I find that carrots are an excellent food PLUS I can buy large quantities of them at a low cost. The most influential of the reasons why this soup is grand!

Because carrots are naturally a bit sweet, I added some spices to give this soup a little bit of kick. I love it because the first half of the bite is a pleasant sweet taste but its followed by a bit of warmth in your mouth. Not too hot though. I love a blending of spicy and sweet; this soup really speaks to that combination I think.

Sweet and Spicy Carrot Soup


1 lb carrots (I used a 1 lb bag, so its approximately 8 to 10 med/large carrots)
2 teaspoons onion powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon honey


Wash all the carrots. You can peel them if you want too, but I don’t like too. It could be blamed on being ‘lazy’ but its mostly because I feel there are more nutrients to be had if you also eat the root hairs of the root. I think its the horticulturalist in me that gives me these notions. Who knows :)

Slice the carrots. It doesn’t really matter how thick or thin, but the thinner you cut them the faster they will cook of course.

In a crock pot (I used my mini one; 1.5 quarts), add the carrot pieces and cover them with 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons olive oil. I left the slow cooker on for 8 hours on low. You could also just cook them on a pot on the stove, but I was going to be gone for most of the day and this meant the least amount of work.

When you get back to your crock pot, pour all the carrots and remaining water into a blender. Add onion powder, salt, ground cayenne pepper, honey, and an additional 1 cup of water. Blend well and serve!

It made about 4 servings. Servings were about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of soup I think. (I’m not so great at ‘eyeballing’ amounts and I didn’t measure it out…) Overall I was pretty happy. I think next time I’ll try and incorporate some additional vegetables to see how it adds to the flavor!

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7 Responses to Sweet and Spicy Carrot Soup

  1. Mrs. Jen B says:

    I am most definitely bookmarking this one – not only do I think I would love it, but I need to get more veggies to the table (especially for my sick but stubborn as a mule father-in-law who refuses to EVER eat veggies!). This could be just the trick! Thanks for sharing, I’m glad I found Meatless Monday!

  2. Chaya says:

    I love “orange” soups, those with carrots, sweet potatoes or pumpkin. Yours looks so creamy and it is a great way to have our carrots. I am still on a soup kick and eating as much, as possible. This will make a great addition to a dinner or better, lunch.

  3. Chaya says:

    Thanks for linking the soup up to Meatless Mondays. I love having you as a regular.

    If you are a chocolate person, stop by on Wednesdays and link up to Chocolate Obsession.

  4. laura says:

    WOW! Crock pot soup, yum. I love my crock pot cooking. I am getting 25 pounds of carrots this week so chances are good I’ll need to make this. Thanks for linking up to “Just Another Meatless Monday” so glad to have you along!

  5. Carrots are so healthy for you! This sounds outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Linda says:

    I have put carrots in soup, but never made carrot soup. It sounds wonderful, but I might have to leave the pepper out for us. Thanks for participating in Gluten-Free Wednesday.

  7. Wow that looks gorgeous. Love the addition of cayenne pepper. Thank you for sharing this on Friday Foodie Fix.

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