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There isn’t anything revolutionary about this, but it fills a craving for an off limits food of mine. Pizza! Don’t get me wrong, I CAN make up a gluten free crust; that’s easy. But to have pizza without real cheese and no real pizza sauce (usually has sugar) doesn’t allow for having the taste I remember. I DO love some gluten and dairy free pizza-like recipes, but they aren’t specifically a substitute, they’re just something else that I can make.

Strangely, this omelet that I accidentally stumbled across tasted so much like pizza I’m in love with it! The texture of the eggs gives a sort of pseudo cheese feel; i even had a friend ask me why I put cheese in the eggs because they knew  I didn’t eat cheese! And the tomatoes and veggies act like sauce and topping. Add some Italian seasoning (or Oregano) and its complete! I have yet to put this on a crust, but I don’t think its necessary. I like it like an omelet!

Pizza Style Omelet


2 eggs
1/4 sweet white onion
1/4 green bell pepper
1 whole romaine tomato
Italian Seasoning (or Oregano)
Onion Powder
Olive Oil


Cover a frying pan with olive oil (a smaller pan is better so you can use less oil, but sometimes I splurge and use a little extra) and turn onto medium heat. While it heats up, finely chop the onion, green pepper, and tomato. Add to the oil and cook until the veggies become soft at least on the edges (or when the white of the onions starts to turn translucent). Cover the veggies with Italian seasoning, a small amount of onion powder, and salt. Crack both eggs over the mixture and break the yokes. I actually treat the eggs and veggies like they are scrambled eggs. So I guess its not technically an omelet, but it would be easy to do it that way.

And that’s it! I find it makes a great choice for dinner because I can come home from work and be eating a warm and tasty (well balanced!) meal in 15 minutes.

This is a single serving for me, but it makes up a whole meal. Sometimes if I also feed The Boy, we’ll have a small side like rice or potatoes and then it makes a nice meal for two!

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13 Responses to Pizza Style Omelet

  1. Iris says:

    Eggs are often a quick and easy dinner for me too!

  2. laura says:

    Wow with my hens laying so many eggs something like this is a great quick dinner! Thanks for coming by today. Did you put your name in the Le Creuset giveaway post? Make sure you do, everyone who shared a recipe today was eligible for an extra entry!

  3. Egg recipes like this are great, so much variety and you can serve at any meal. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Heather says:

    Healthy, beautiful and easy – this looks great! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Lisa says:

    I like this because you can change it up so easily. I’m not a fan of the green pepper, but I think maybe artichoke hearts? Edamame? The possibilities are endless. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Melinda says:

    My chickens are really laying now – I’m always looking for great egg recipes! I’m also on Weight Watchers – and this looks really great point wise!

  7. Alea says:

    I love this idea! I have one gf child, one df, child, and one sf child, so it is really hard to find a one size fits all recipe. Bookmarking this for breakfast tomorrow!

  8. This is such a great idea and looks amazingly delicious! I love fun breakfast ideas or easy ways to make breakfast foods for other meals and this can work both ways! Thanks for the recipe!

  9. Wendy says:

    I love having eggs for dinner! And the ingredients are so versatile. There’s a restaurant I used to go to “before” that made these delicious “scrambles” they called them…they were huge, though, I shared…but this reminds me of that place. Good times. But they are gone now too.

  10. Mrs. Jen B says:

    I just love using eggs as a canvas for all sorts of substitutions. A friend of mine once read that when we crave certain foods, it’s only the feel of the food that we’re craving. Clearly this recipe attests to that!

  11. 'Becca says:

    Oh, this sounds so good! I often order a tomato, onion, and green pepper omelet in a favorite restaurant, but I never thought of making it with oregano for pizza flavor.

    For your cheese cravings, can you have nutritional yeast flakes? They dissolve in any type of fat to make a sauce that tastes cheese-like, although it’s not quite like any particular KIND of cheese, but it’s yummy! Follow my link for some ways to use it.

  12. Linda says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it on Gluten-Free Wednesdays.

  13. Jessica says:

    So creative. I love the idea of a pizza omelet!

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